College Breakaway Roping Photos

College Breakaway Roping is a rodeo event where a rider enters the box(a small area next to the chute), while a calf is put in the chute. A barrier is strung from the calf across the box. When the calf is released the barrier will release and the rider can leave the box, and rope the calf. A 10 second penalty is added to the rider’s time if they trip the barrier (2/09/2012).

Good Breakaway Roping Photos

Here in this photo we see a lasso being thrown around a running calf. Rider mounted on a horse is chasing calf which is running away from him around the arena. The time-keepers and the judges are closely watching the method used by the rider to harness the calf. Many of the breakaway roping photos are taken at the exact moment when the lasso falls on the neck of the calf.

The vigor and energy shown by him while rotating the lasso rope round on top of his head is gives us a perfect breakaway roping photo. After the lasso falls around the calf, every single eye in the whole arena will be searching for that exact moment that the string attached to the saddle is broken. This is the final moment in the whole race. When the flag attached the string moves away from the saddle, the moment of truth in the whole race is reached. (9/25/2011)


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