Goat Tying

Goat Tying

Goat Tying
Goat tying is a rodeo event which is becoming very common in most junior rodeo events. This event attracts more females to the sport of rodeo. This is commonly organized in a high school or college rodeo events. The objective of goat tying is to tie the three legs of a goat which is stacked in a rope at the end of the rodeo arena. The players has to ride his horse to that point which is usually about 100 meters and dismount from the horse by sliding or by running get to the goat and after tying the three of its legs, raise it with your hands. The raising of the tied goat denotes the end of the race. The person who completes it with the lowest time will win the race.

Goat Tying Rodeo Events

Youth Goat Tying: AZ State High School FinalsThere are certain rules to be followed. The goat should remain tied in the rope during the 8 second tying period. The rider’s horse is not allowed to cross the rope which is used to stack the goat. If these mistakes are committed by the participant, a penalty time of 5 seconds is added to the rider’s time. This will surely ruin all the chances of the rider to win the game as most games lasts only for a time of 10 seconds.

In competitions different ropes are used for boys and girls. Girls use goat tying rope and boys are supposed to use pigging string in the events, but this is not a mandatory rule to be followed.

There are two different flanking techniques used by the participants; they are stuffing and pinning. In stuffing the goat is collected while it is still in the air. For properly stuffing the goat is collected the rider from high up in the air, this consumes some valuable seconds. Pinning is a technique in which the legs of the goat are collected on the ground. This method is preferred by most of the competitors as it is quicker.

Tips for Properly Tying the Goat

Youth Goat Tying: AZ State High School FinalsThe three main requirements for obtaining a better tie are precision, speed, and strategy. The tying action has to be practiced over and over as this should happen as a reflex action. When your actions become more streamlined and coordinated, you will the able to obtain a faster and precise tie. A sudden unplanned move can make you slow. Keeping your head low while tying the goat will help you to obtain a better tie near the bones of its legs. Second thing to remember is to lessen unnecessary body movements.

If you are moving your whole body for tying it will surely slow you down. Try maintaining a stable stance while tying the goat. This will surely save you some time. The third tip to consider is the position of the knot you are making. The knot is to be made near to the bottom of the legs otherwise it will loosen if the goat strains.

Along with the physical demands, event of goat tying is more of a challenge which is to be won with your mental strength.