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Agriculture 101: What is Apiary Insurance?

If you have ever wanted to harvest your own honey and take care of bees then this is article is for you! Being a beekeeper already has many responsibilities, you’re putting in a lot of time and effort in caring for your bees, hives, and the equipment. That is why you should know the importance in having apiary insurance in other terms beekeeping insurance. 

Why Apiary Insurance?

You might be wondering why should you have apiary insurance? Beekeeping is a very substantial practice that requires extensive research and skills especially when you’re dealing with hundreds if not thousands of live bees. You’ll experience many risks no matter how many preventative measures are being put in place. Anything from possible defects to flaws in honey products to unexpected injuries, beekeeper insurance is there for you to help reduce these risks. Apiary insurance is a necessary protection for beekeepers and their hives from damage, beekeeping operations, injury liability, and product liability.

Apiary insurance offers more complete coverage for beekeeping activities, it has your back. Apiary insurance covers liabilities that are related to injuries and damage to bees and hives. It will cover the certificate of liability that is needed to sell products at craft fairs and markets. It also covers product liability for the products being sold.

CKP Insurance

This article is brought to you by CKP Insurance which offers beekeeping insurance services. If you are considering jumping into the world of beekeeping, it’s important to have a trust insurance agency that only knows about your business, but wants to protect it just as much as you!

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The agents at Beekeeping Insurance Services (a branch of CKP Insurance) specialize in working with beekeepers to maximize their use of the federal programs available. CKP invests the time to understand your needs and develop a strategy that will produce the best coverage results. The USDA Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Apiculture Insurance Program (API) is designed to provide insurance coverage for your colonies. When you sign up for coverage under this program, you are protected against losses due to lack of rain. Payment for losses is determined based on the Rainfall Index, which is a comprehensive dataset of precipitation amounts throughout the country. Because indemnity is not calculated based on actual crop production, claims may be automatically processed without the need for adjusters.

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