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Caldwell Night Rodeo 2018

August 14-18 gave rodeo fans an opportunity to enjoy all the thrills and chill of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s Caldwell Night Rodeo event.

August 14th to August 18 gave rodeo fans an opportunity to enjoy all the thrills and chill of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s Caldwell Night Rodeo event. This event is always bound to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The venue for the event, like every year, was the Caldwell Rodeo Grounds in Caldwell, Idaho.
Every year, the Caldwell Night rodeo attracts more than 45,000 spectators, who come all the way from the Canyon County and Ada County. The truest of rodeo enthusiasts travel to Caldwell, Idaho, from all over the country to witness the action first hand. Among all the outdoor rodeo events in the world, the Caldwell Night Rodeo is considered to be among the  top 5 events.

Caldwell Night Rodeo’s History

1935 was the faithful year that the Caldwell Night Rodeo began. 84 years later, and it is still one of the most popular rodeo events in the country. It began on the 25th anniversary of the Boise Irrigation Project to celebrate its huge success. People started getting together for the celebrations and to enjoy some rodeo action. Some people decided to set up lights so that everybody had a good view. And from that the idea of the first ever night rodeo event was born. From that point onward, the Caldwell Night Rodeo has become an event that takes place every single year. More than 500 of the best cowboys and cowgirls are invited to this prestigious event. Some of the best in the sport compete with each other to win the prize.

Additional Activities and Events

Of course, you cannot go to the Caldwell Night Rodeo and just expect a good rodeo show. There was plenty of activities and events that attracted the huge crowd to this city in Idaho. Other than all the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association events, there were Family Nights by the YMCA, Buckaroo Breakfasts, and many more events. Families with kids of all ages came along to the event and were educated about the rich culture and history of the region. This helped them better understand the beauty of this dangerous sport. On the Wrangler Patriot Night brave men and women, who have served the country, were commemorated for their efforts and sacrifices.

Community Work

Other than attracting people from all over the country and hosting an amazing rodeo event with the best action, the Caldwell Night Rodeo also contributes to the society. They are actively generating millions of dollars for the people of Caldwell, Idaho. Additionally, the Caldwell Night Rodeo contributes over $300,000 to scholarship programs and charitable organizations.
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