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Canceled: Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo 2020

We are very sad to inform you all that the Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo 2020 in Helotes, Texas are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was going to take place on August 13th, 14th, and 15th. The Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo will be making a strong comeback the first week of May 2021 and it will be an event you won’t want to miss out on! Make sure to follow the Cornyval Festival on Instagram to catch all their event updates!

In true Cornyval tradition, the committee has continued its tradition of awarding scholarships to local students. This year, they will award 4, $1500 scholarships to four lucky seniors. Even though the show will not go on this year, they want to make sure the kids of Helotes are taken care of to further their education.

History of the Cornyval Festival and Rodeo

It all began 55 years ago, in a town that is now called Helotes, Texas. This small community had its very first post office built and what a better thing to do than throw a celebration. That celebration was just the beginning of the Cornyval Festival. The festival was originally held downtown Helotes in front of John T. Floore Country Store right on Bandera Road. In the beginning, Cornyval started as a carnival with food vendors but soon enough, the Cornyval Festival moved to its new grounds located on Leslie Road.

The name β€œHelotes” stems from the Mexican/Central American Spanish word for stalk corn or corn on the cob, β€œelote”. Since the 1800s, and recently as the early 1950s, feed corn was a major farming crop in northwest Bexar County and South Texas. Helotes and the Cornyval are a tribute to the area’s heritage. The harvest during this historic era is celebrated annually in Helotes during the spring.

We pray that everyone stays healthy and stays strong during these challenging times. For all the cowboys and cowgirls out there who dedicate their lives to compete in rodeos and are unable to this year due to the pandemic, stay strong! As well as the vendors and nonprofits that were going to work at the Cornyval event. We are thinking about you and we praying for you. Keep your head up and stay positive! We’ll see you at the Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo in 2021!

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