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Cody Jinks: Live From my Office

Recently, the world shut down, claiming all venues that host social entertainment with it. While the music halls and bars may be closed, musicians of all genres have taken to the internet to live stream their shows in hopes of lifting spirits and getting on a more personal level with their fans. Outlaw Country artist, Cody Jinks is no different. Going “live from my office under quarantine” at 8:00pm EST on Friday, April 24th, Cody will be rocking out with us all live on Facebook and his website.

Seeming to be released at the perfect moment, in March Jinks released his latest single “Fast Lane,” as the world has time on their hands to reflect on their lives and where they want to go once everything opens up and we all try to find our new “normal.” The lyrics speak to living without considering the consequences and moving forward from your past.

Labeled as one of the most successful independent country artists ever, Cody is known for throwing the unspoken rules of country out the window. This probably comes partly from being the leader of Thrash Metal band, Unchecked Aggression in his early days of music. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jinks said, “We go all over the United States, man, and people tell us, ‘Thank you.’ I hear ‘thank you’ more than I hear anything else. There’s no bullshit in our show. There’s no dancing, there are no sparkle-bottom jeans. We get out there and we rip people’s faces off.” With so many musicians in the country genre (that we also love!) it’s refreshing to see an artist strip it down and focus on the music rather than the show. The proof of this comes in the over 100 concerts Cody has performed at in just the last 5 years alone.

Want more of Cody Jinks? Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and his Website. Be sure to also check out his upcoming tour dates once the world reopens for business!

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