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Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo 2015 Part 2

This year’s Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo was a great success! Folks from all around the world came to Amarillo, Texas to see this spectacular two-day event.

Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo 2015 Part 2

Vance Reed, Patrick O'Donnell and Pete Coors

Vance Reed, Patrick O’Donnell and Pete Coors

This year’s Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo was a great success! Folks from all around the world came to Amarillo, Texas to see this spectacular two-day event. The rodeo has been part of Texas history for over 20 years and continues to grow and attract new people from all around the panhandles and the world. A ranch rodeo is fairly different from a regular rodeo.
It features events that reenact situations a cowboy would handle everyday on the ranch. So instead of your typical seven rodeo events, a ranch rodeo has events such as:

  • Saddle Bronc Riding
  • Stray Gathering
  • Mutton Bustin’
  • Calf Branding
  • Trailer Loading
  • Wild Cow Milking

How The Events Work

Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo 2015 Part 2Saddle bronc riding at a ranch rodeo is a little different than a normal rodeo. Contestants are allowed to choose between using two hands, or just one. Their score is adjusted in accordance with their decision. Also, a ranch working saddle must be used and no PRCA rigging is allowed.

Stray gathering is an event where cattle are released two at a time and a group of five cowboys must rope both steer with legal head catches, hold them down and tie their legs. One cowboy must remain with a steer at any given time, and no more than five attempts at roping are allowed (one per cowboy). The time stops when the last member clears the last steer and both judges’ flags drop.

Calf Branding is an event where cattle are gathered into a pen and cowboys must rope the cattle by the heels and bring them across the pen line and even with the branding buckets that serve as the minimum distance line. A cowboy will then run to the cattle with a branding iron and touch it to the roped steer. When the cowboy returns, the judge will drop his flag and the time stops. All branding irons are cold and not used for actual branding.

Trailer Loading
is an event where numbered cattle are gathered into a pen and a group of four cowboys must separate two individual cattle (the announcer call the cattle numbers at time start) and keep them past the minimum distance line. Once both steer are separated from the herd and across the line, the group must then push both steer to the opposite end of the arena where an open trailer awaits. The group must load both steer and two horses on the provided trailer, close the trailer gate, and then the cowboys have to run to the truck that holds the trailer. When every cowboy is inside the cabin of the truck, they must honk the horn and the horn is what stops the team’s time.

Wild Cow Milking is an event where a group of four cowboys is required to rope a cow and hold it still while one of the group members milks the cow with a bottle provided to them at the beginning of the event. Once the cowboy is finished milking, he must run back to a tarp in the arena with the bottle in hand. Time stops when the cowboy is in the tarp completely. However, milk must be poured out of the bottle by a judge after the time has stopped. If there is no milk, the team receives a no time.

The Teams

Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo 2015 Part 2There were 14 competing ranches at this year’s Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo. The two teams that received the lowest overall score will not be allowed to return to this rodeo in the coming years. The overall winner of this year’s rodeo was the JA Ranch, congratulations.

Each team had entered a horse that was individually judged by performance in order to win a saddle at the end of the ranch rodeo. The ranches that attended this year were:

  1. The Bravo Ranch
  2. The NK Cattle Company Ranch
  3. The LX Ranch
  4. The K-BAR Ranch
  5. The Tule Ranch
  6. The Mayo Ranch
  7. The Singleton Ranch
  8. The XL Ranch
  9. The Bell Ranch
  10. The Smith Oasis Ranch
  11. The High Card Ranch
  12. The JA Ranch
  13. The X cross X Ranch
  14. The Spring Creek Ranch

Team Results: 1. JA Ranch, 87; 2. LX Ranch, 87; 3. High Card, 84; 4. Mayo Ranch, 80; 5. Bell Ranch, 79; 6. N-K Cattle Company, 78; 7. Smith Oasis, 78; 8. K Bar Cattle, 77; 9. Singleton Ranches, 69; 10. Bravo, 62; 11. Spring Creek, 61; 12. X Cross X, 55; 13. Tule Ranch, 50; 14. XL Ranch, 32.

Saddle Bronc: 1. Mayo Ranch, 27; 2. X Cross X, 24; 3. JA Ranch, 20.

Stray Gathering: 1. LX Ranch, 28; 2. High Card, 25; 3. N-K Cattle Company, 23.

Trailer Loading: 1. Bell Ranch, 26; 2. K Bar Cattle, 26; 3. Singleton Ranch, 21.

Wild Cow Milking: 1. K Bar Cattle, 23; 2. Smith Oasis, 23; 3. High Card, 22.

Branding Milking: 1. JA Ranch, 22; 2. Mayo Ranch, 22; 3. N-K Cattle Company, 21.

Cowboy Lifestyle Network is honored to have been invited to this event by Pete Coors. This was CLN’s first ranch rodeo and certainly won’t be our last. Not only were the events new and spectacular, the entertainment was fantastic as well. Ed Montana and his band provided the entire arena audience with spectacular live music and commentary throughout both rodeo performances. The outdoor rodeo dance was an amazing after party that featured a great DJ, including outstanding service provided by the beautiful Coors girls. It was a great rodeo and CLN will definitely be back next year to see it again.

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