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Music Monday Album Feature: Jon Wolfe’s “Dos Corazones”

Jon Wolfe does it again with a personal story and an inspiring eleven days out in the Chihuahuan Desert. His latest album, “Dos Corazones”, was written in a small adobe casa out in far west Texas with his producer Dave Brainard and long-time writing partner Tony Ramey. The intro alone will capture and draw you into the western setting and place you on the porch of Dos Corazones alongside Jon. Little pieces of each song were compiled to create the engaging instrumental piece.

“It was an incredible experience, especially since we went into it without any expectations of how many songs we’d write or what would come of it,” says Wolfe. He adds,

“the idea behind the album was to get inspired, write and create all the media content. We ended up writing most of the record, took five thousand photos, and captured more than thirteen hours of video footage, everything for this record was birthed in one place.”

Jon wanted a personal touch to the record as well. He notes, “the physical copy of the album is a twenty-eight-page book of all the photography and my handwritten commentary of each song. It’s the most personal record I’ve ever put together. I’ve put out a lot of great records in my over-decade-long career so far and I’m really happy with all of it. The idea with this record was to stretch me creatively and give my fans something really special. Throughout the process of making the album, I wanted it to be inspiring to me and for it to be inspiring to my listeners. Each song has something personal below the surface for people to find.”

Recently finishing a tour in Wyoming and taking some time to relax and go fly fishing with his wife (she caught more if you’re wondering!), the Juan Lobo Tequila creator is currently on tour across Texas and New Mexico. 

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