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Professional Indian Horse Racing Association (PIHRA)

Learn about Indian relay racing, Indian flat track racing, Ladies Indian flat track racing, Cowboy, Indian flat track racing and what makes it so authentic.


CLN-Indian-Relay-Racing-Pendleton-Round-Up-2014-(4)The Professional Indian Horse Racing Association (PIHRA) is designed to make it safer and easier for Indians to compete in Indian horse racing events.

Just as other sports leagues have associations that oversee them, the PIHRA oversee the sport of Indian horse racing.
The Professional Indian Horse Racing Association-PIHRA supports virtually every type of Indian horse racing and venues.
CLN-Indian-Relay-Racing-Pendleton-Round-Up-2014-(2)Some of the different types of Indian horse racing that the Professional Indian Horse Racing Association PIHRA supports include the following:

  • Indian relay racing
  • Indian flat track racing
  • Ladies Indian flat track racing
  • Cowboy and Indian flat track racing

The Professional Indian Horse Racing Association PIHRA is made up of individuals, teams and sponsors who are all dedicated to promoting the sport of Indian racing in a professional manner. Indian racing allows Indian tribes to express their rich heritage and passion for horse racing in a fun and exciting manner. It also allows them to display this passion to a broader audience than they would be able to otherwise. With the help of PIHRA, the Indian horse racing sport is more widely known than ever before and enjoyed by thousands of spectators.

PIHRA sets forth the Uniform Code of Conduct that all players and individuals involved in the professional sport must adhere to. As the sanctioning body of all Indian horse racing events, PIHRA also sets forth the set of competition and safety rules that all participants of the sport are expected to follow. PIHRA also mandates that all participants in the Indian horse racing league will be professionally attired and that all advertisers will be paid.

PIHRA also sets the schedule for season-long championship series for each type of Indian horse racing event. The annual series features the best Indian horse riding riders and teams. PIHRA promotes the best teams and riders at its discretion to better market the Indian horse racing sport. For instance, PIHRA has the power to negotiate television rights for the events and well as general promotion for the sport. The ways in which PIHRA helps the series gain publicity are many.
CLN-Indian-Relay-Racing-Pendleton-Round-Up-2014-(3)The sport of Indian relay is technically America’s oldest sport, dating back to pre-European settlement days. It began nearly 400 years ago when the first horse was introduced to America. By promoting the sport, PIHRA is helping to promote an element of early America’s rich history and Indian culture, making it a noteworthy and important organization.

Remember, these guys are not riding in the saddle, which is what makes the PIHRA so authentic.


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