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Total Feeds: The Nutrition That Fuels Fallon Taylor’s Champion Horses

Meet Fallon Taylor, Professional Barrel Racer and 7-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) qualifier, she takes all the right steps with her horses to make sure they are at the top of their game. It goes without saying that Fallon knows the proper nutrition regiments to feed her champion horses and that is why she turns to Total Feeds.

Fallon Taylor & Babyflo

Total Feeds provides the highest quality nutrition feed products for a wide range of animals to enhance health and performance. Total Equine is a line of products within Total Feeds that is specialized for horses of all sizes and skill levels, it is 50-100% more digestible than other feed, and it helps with the fermentation in the hindgut allowing better digestion of fiber more efficiently. With Total Equine, horses generally reduce their hay intake by 20-30% while their weight remains stable, their fat decreases, and lean muscle increases.


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In 1990 at the age of 8, Fallon was introduced to the WPRA and by 1995 she had qualified for the Wrangler NFR in Las Vegas with her partner…True Identity aka “True”. The duo won numerous rodeos and was the 1995 Reserve Average World Champion. Fast forward 20 years, Fallon was taking a chance on Flo Heiress aka “Babyflo”, an American Quarter Horse mare, and allowed a family friend to care for True.

Unfortunately, when True was returned to Fallon a year later, he was not in the best shape. He was underweight, had hair loss, had not been shod leaving his hooves with several abscesses in both front feet. Naturally, Fallon was in a world of panic. She called Dr. Harry Anderson with Total Feeds and he recommended a “free-choice” approach for feeding.

Total Feeds - Unparalleled Excellence in Nutrition

Fallon took Dr. Anderson’s advice and fed True, Total Equine. It took only 21 days for Fallon to see True’s health skyrocket. With Total Equine, horses can absorb 90-95% of the nurturance, hoof walls can double its natural growth speed, coats tend to grow darker and develop a permeant sheen from the oil produced caused by increased blood circulation and reduce acid build up.

At the 2015 Wrangler NFR, Fallon interviewed with Amy Wilson and Dr. Anderson on the Rural American Live show and stated, “This is a very safe feed. I have tested it, it is tried and true, no pun intended…we feed it to our entire barn. It’s been Babyflo’s regimen for the last several years.” Fallon’s testimony is living proof that the nutrition from Total Equine helps fuel her champion horses.

Learn more about Total Feeds by visiting their website and be sure to follow them on their social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube!

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