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2013 PBR World Finals: The Best Hang-ups, Helicopters and Wrecks

CLN reports from the 2013 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas. From the best hang-ups, helicopters & bull riding wrecks, to J.B. Mauney making world history!

World Champion J.B Mauney makes history at the 2013 PBR World Finals

It is no secret; the most exciting sport to watch in the world is bull riding. Professional Bull Riders (PBR) without a doubt is the most adrenaline-packed event on the planet, particularly during the PBR Finals. From October 22-26th the PBR held the World Finals at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.
But in order to put a one-of-a-kind show like this on, there must be two things: the best bucking bulls in the world and the best bull riders to ride them. Sporadic bumps and bruises are common when professional bull riders are constantly trying to avoid catastrophic hang-ups, helicopters and wrecks. Nevertheless, the top 35 are hungry and ready to ride the biggest and meanest bulls when the World Champion title is on the line.

J.B Mauney 2013 PBR Finals

J.B Mauney 2013 at the 2013 PBR World Finals

It is a constant proving ground that the best of the best crave under the PBR’s 20th anniversary spotlight in Las Vegas. Of course there will always be competition on the rise, such as, Matt Triplett who received an exceptional standing ovation after his first ride while getting a shot at proving himself at the 2013 PBR World Finals. Or twenty-one year old bull rider, Chase Outlaw, sure made his impact this year with his 2013 BFTS rank placing at number 13 with 2, 224 of the sought after “world points.”

But when it comes down to it, its really who can fight their way to the top, up to that 2013 BFTS number 1 ranked position. This year at the 2013 PBR World Finals one man from Mooresville, North Carolina did just that. That man was J.B Mauney, who executed a flawless performance from his very first round to the final championship round.

Below is the sequence of events that contributed to J.B. Mauney’s BFTS #1 world rank and final points of 9,796:

Round Name of Rank Bull Points
1 Train Robber 88.75
2 Smackdown 93.75
3 JW Hughes Excavation 89.00
4 BreakDown 90.75
5 Ford Hammer Down 91.00
Championship Round Wipe Out 93.00

CLN’s Crystal Rae Coddington interviewed J.B Mauney after he clinched the 2013 World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned in to Cowboy Lifestyle Network for the release of that exclusive interview! In the meantime, enjoy this action-packed video titled, “PBR World Finals 2013 Hang ups, Helicopters and Wrecks.”
photo of JB N Crystal
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