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2015 Professional Rough Stock Series Event Calendar and Coverage

The Professional Rough Stock Series (PRS) has some amazing events in 2015. View the Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s interactive schedule.

2015 Professional Rough Stock Series Event Calendar and Coverage

PRS South DakotaWhether you are a rodeo enthusiast or an active competitor, you may want to make plans to attend one of the Professional Rough Stock (PRS) events in the near future.
The PRS is an American rodeo association that is dedicated to promoting the tradition of rodeo throughout the United States, and it regularly hosts numerous competitions in smaller and larger communities across the country.
The association was established in 2001, and its popularity continues to grow from year to year. By learning more about the Professional Rough Stock PRS events, you may decide that this is a special event that you want to attend or compete in.

The Different Events in PRS

PRS Collage (TRANS)While some rodeo events have an exhaustive list of events that competitors can showcase their skills in, the Professional Rough Stock PRS is unique. There are only three events that are showcased at the PRS events, and these include saddle bronc riding, bull riding and bareback riding. Some of the most recent world champions in these events have included Justin McDaniel, Steven Peebles, Cort Scheer, Jesse Wright, Seth Glause and McKennon Wimberly. McDaniel was also a world champion bareback rider in 2008 for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

How to Watch the PRS Events

BelleFourcheThe PRS has a headquarters in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, but its events are held across the country. In fact, there are events scheduled for 2015 in areas like Washington state, Texas, Virginia and others, giving the PRS a coast to coast presence. You may take time to view the PRS website and to see if an event is planned close to your hometown in the coming weeks or months. You can also catch the events on television on RFD-TV. This station has been televising the PRS events since 2013. If you can only attend one event, you may consider learning more about the location of the world finals PRS event for this year and making plans to attend the two-day finals events.

More about Professional Rough Stock Series (PRS)…

2015 Professional Rough Stock Series Event CalendarWhile many local rodeo events continue to celebrate the tradition of rodeo, the Professional Rough Stock PRS events are unique.
This is a special organization focused on promoting some of the more popular and traditional events in rodeo and bringing together world-class competitors for you to compete against or to cheer on.
Take time to learn more about upcoming events in your area, or catch the next PRS event live on television.

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