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Bob Feist Invitational BFI 2017 Roping Classic

The Bob Feist Invitational takes place on June 19, 2017 in Reno, Nevada. BFI gives the best team ropers a chance to win close to $800,000 and prizes!

Where else can you go to see world-class roping teams competing in the same arena in an event that has been taking place for over 40 years? The Bob Feist Invitational gives the best teams a chance to go head to head over a series of five full go-round rounds for a chance to win close to $800,000 worth of cash and prizes. Taking place on June 19, 2017, the BFI in Reno, Nevada, individuals get the chance to witness the largest single event roping competition in the U.S.

History of The Bob Feist Invitational

As with any other team sport, Bob Feist began the BFI with a hope to be able to watch and cheer on other top notch team roping pairs. Since there were so many other rodeos and riding events that generally took place on weekends, Bob Feist decided to hold his event on a Monday. It was his goal to show everyone that he could have high turnouts for this event, even while holding it on Monday. And that he did. From Las Vegas to Texas to it’s home in Reno, the BFI has evolved into the largest of the team roping elite events.

Participants at The Bob Feist Invitational

Each fan comes in with great expectations their favorite team roping duos. You can feel the energy in the stadium when Derrick Begay finishes a great run. You can hear the roar of the audience as Clay O’Brien Cooper makes a complicated heel shot look like a breeze. Not to mention, there are certain ropers like Denny Watkins, Mike Beers, and Allen Bach who have participated every single year since the BFI began. Now that’s dedication! With over 100 hundred teams attending, any fan is sure to pick out their favorite to route for, celebrate with, and perhaps even empathize in their defeat.

Can I Watch The Bob Feist Invitational from Home?

Let’s face it: we can’t all make it to Reno to experience this notorious event. Yet, those who can’t are still in luck. An onsite media team known as, โ€œCowboy Lifestyle Network, Ak-Chin Indian Community, Earnhardt Auto Centers and Papa John’s Road Teamโ€ will be covering the full event. Additional information, standings, and pictures can also be found on The Cowboy Lifestyle Network, which is a leading source for everything Western and Country. Visit for more information.

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