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2019 Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty

Since 1978, the Gilbert Promotional Corporation has been honoring Gilbert, Arizona’s western heritage through its annual rodeo celebration, the Gilbert Days Rodeo. Along with its top-notch rodeo entertainment, the Gilbert Days Rodeo has also sported a long list of dedicated, and accomplished rodeo queens. With 2019 in full-swing, this year’s rodeo royalty are hitting the ball out of the park! Say hello to your 2019 Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty, Queen, Tatum Lance, and Teen Queen, Anna Butler!

Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen, Tatum Lance, is no stranger when it comes to Gilbert Days. Born and raised in Gilbert, this 20-year-old local knows Gilbert Days like the back of her hand. Since she was a little girl Tatum has fond memories of attending Gilbert Days board and general meetings, volunteering at the cook shack, volunteering and participating in Gymkhanas, pushing cattle at roping events, and helping at High School and Junior Rodeos. For 6-year-old Tatum, one of the best highlights spent at the original Gilbert Rodeo Grounds was helping paint the ticket booth!

With her Grandmother serving as a lifetime member of the Gilbert Promotional Corporation, Gilbert Days was not only a yearly celebration of Gilbert’s western heritage but a chance for Tatum to honor the Gilbert Days legacy that has been woven into her family throughout the years.

For this impressive cowgirl, becoming the Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen has been a lifelong goal. Tatum is proud to share,

“The title of Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen means more than just wearing the crown; it means an opportunity to be a leader and a mentor in my community.  I have grown up as being part of the Gilbert Days Rodeo and have loved this rodeo and all the Gilbert Promotional Corporation’s volunteers who have worked for years on the rodeo’s success my whole life. It is my honor and privilege to carry on the Gilbert Days tradition.”

Tatum has had the honor of holding many rodeo royalty titles. With such experience, Tatum has traveled the state of Arizona as an avid promoter, educator, and spokeswoman of rodeo. Tatum’s rodeo queen career all began when she became the first Gilbert Days Lil’ Dudes Rodeo Princess. Years later and Tatum continues to help chair and help with Mutton Bustin’ and other Lil’ Dudes Rodeo activities.

Tatum as the first Gilbert Days Lil’ Dudes Rodeo Princess

Tatum is a graduate from Highland High School and is currently working on a Child Development Associates Degree. When she isn’t in class, Tatum works full-time as a toddler teacher at Tutor Time. Tatum has a passion for giving back to those in need and hopes to enter the foster care field where she can help benefit children in need.

When she isn’t in the rodeo arena, busy in the classroom or at work, Tatum enjoys participating in gymkhanas, camping, playing volleyball, riding on an equestrian drill team, and exploring the beauty of Arizona’s many hiking trails.

“I have been very blessed to have a wonderful, supportive and loving family, along with the joy of having two horses and three dogs in my life. As I have traveled the rodeo road, I have countless fond memories that I cherish. Especially the lifelong friendships and the quality time I have spent with my family and friends over the years.  I look forward to carrying on all the traditions that have been so ingrained into my life, and I hope to make more wonderful memories and friendships as the 2019 Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen.”

Anna Butler, Gilbert Days Teen Queen is right at home with a crown on her hat and the reins in her hands. This multi-talented young lady hails from Queen Creek, Arizona where she serves as an active member in her school and community.

Currently a senior at Queen Creek High School, Anna enjoys studying Economics, Quantitative Reasoning, and Agriculture. This 17-year-old cowgirl will graduate high school this year and plans to attend college where she will pursue a career in the Agriculture Industry as a Large Animal Veterinarian.

Anna’s dedication to her education is not limited to the classroom setting! Anna is also a dedicated member of the Queen Creek FFA. As an avid participant, Anna competes in Career Development Events such as Wildlife, Forestry, Dairy Evaluation, Agricultural Communications, and Parliamentary Procedure. Through FFA, Anna is proud of the many opportunities she has had to volunteer in her community’s town events.

Hadley Tokraks and Anna Butler, State Degree recipients from Queen Creek FFA.

Anna’s favorite hobbies include jamming out to her favorite country songs, going on adventures with her friends, and riding her horses in different disciplines, Western and English. Anna hopes to continue her queening journey and one day represent her home state as Miss Rodeo Arizona.

Anna feels blessed to be a member of the Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty Court as she travels the beautiful state of Arizona with the opportunity to represent Gilbert and the Gilbert Days Rodeo.

Check out this exclusive CLN interview with Tatum and Anna, below!

Why is the Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty Platform, “Kickin’ Up Kindness” important to you?

Tatum: “Kickin’ Up Kindness is a legacy platform for Gilbert Rodeo members and their royalty. It’s a tradition that started over 20 years ago and is very much alive today. A random act of kindness can make someone else’s entire day better.  Not only do I look for acts of kindness, it gives me the opportunity to show someone just how much they are appreciated.”

Anna: “The Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty Platform of “Kickin’ Up Kindness” is extremely important to me because I have faith that one small kind deed can start a chain reaction and change the world. My favorite kindness quote is from Amelia Earhart. She said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives.”

What is your favorite part about being a rodeo queen?

Tatum: “I like to interact with the crowd before and after the rodeo. Watching the kids that come out for the first time to see all the animals at work and their smiles and dreams of being a bronc rider or barrel racer, even a royalty queen. Wearing the sparkly new clothes and riding your favorite horse is just the icing on the cake.”

Anna: “My favorite part about being a rodeo queen is being a role model to the younger generation and being an ambassador for the western way of life. I love meeting the little kids and seeing the smiles on their faces!”

How do you prepare yourself and your horse for rodeos?

Tatum: “Traveling can be hard on a horse. I make sure that I have my horse legged up and healthy for upcoming rodeos. I groom and clip her. I get all the information I need for the rodeo. For myself I do the same, I keep in shape mentally and physically. I make sure my clothes are clean, my hat is shaped, clean and that all my tack is in good shape. I check in with my court to make sure they are ready and have all the information they need.”

Anna: “I prepare myself and my horse for rodeos by riding at least 3 times the week before. But I have a weird superstition where I won’t ride the day before the rodeo because I believe it’s bad luck. I also always give my horse Cheyenne, a bath before the rodeo performance so she looks squeaky clean! I won’t start getting myself ready till after my horse is all dolled up to save my white button downs from getting dirty.”

What are you most looking forward to as this year’s Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty?

Tatum: “Ever since I was a little girl, I have been looking forward to wearing the beautiful Gilbert Days Crown. I’ve travelled alongside so many awesome young women who have had the honor of wearing it. Gilbert Days Rodeo is my hometown rodeo and my family ties are very strong with this rodeo. So, to be part of the big show is truly a dream come true.”

Anna: “I am looking forward to many things this year as Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty! I’m really excited to visit the schools in Gilbert and share my love about rodeo and our western heritage. I can’t wait to teach them about the sport that has impacted my life tremendously!”

If you could compete in any rodeo event what would it be and why

Tatum: “BULL RIDING! I remember at a very young age hanging on the fence to get a glimpse of those enormous animals. The crowd seemed to come alive which made this event even more exciting. As the years went by, I came to appreciate the balance, flexibility, and coordination a cowboy must have to accomplish the 8 second ride.”

Anna: “If I could compete in any rodeo event it would be steer wrestling. I love getting an adrenaline rush from riding around the arena but I think it would be pretty awesome to fling yourself off your horse and wrestle a steer to the ground.”

Having previously served as a member of the Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty Court, why is being the 2019 Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen important to you?

 Tatum: “I carried the Gilbert Days Teen Queen title for two years alongside of two very talented young women. They both made a lasting impression on me to be a good role model to everyone, to be kind and humble, to be the best you can be and to just love life. I want to leave my legacy for future generations. Don’t miss the opportunity to pursue your passion.”

Cowboy Lifestyle Network would like to congratulate Gilbert Days Queen, Tatum Lance and Teen Queen, Anna Butler on their success as the 2019 Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty Court!

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

Taryn Cantrell is an Arizona native who has spent many hours in the rodeo arena. Having grown up barrel racing, serving as the 2017 Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen and as a member of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation, Taryn is passionate about her western heritage and all things rodeo. When she’s not on horseback, Taryn can be found playing her bass guitar, painting, and performing around Phoenix with her band. Taryn is a graduate of Arizona State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance. Taryn is proud to combine her love of the arts with her love of rodeo and has been honored to sing The National Anthem at various rodeos across the beautiful state of Arizona. Alongside her love for art and music, preserving her western heritage and promoting the sport of rodeo are just two of Taryn’s many passions. Taryn is so honored to share her love of rodeo with Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s wonderful audience.

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