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4th Annual Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards

Founded in 2016, the “Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards” were originally designed to showcase the best country music talent in Colorado and Wyoming. However, the first year went so well that other states wanted to be able to show how amazing their country music talent was also, so, in 2017, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas were added to the RMCMAs. In 2018 New Mexico would join the party. And we are excited to announce that this year will see the addition of two new states, Montana and North Dakota.

The show itself is much like you’d see on one of the big country music awards shows on TV. It features performances from some of the regions best, celebrity presenters, laughter, and of course, the presentation of awards to the years best. For anyone that follows the country music scene, you know we do things a little different out west. This show has the legitimacy of a national award show, with a uniquely western feel.

The 2020 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards are right around the corner on March 13th in Greeley, Colorado. And sticking with the tradition that was started at the first RMCMA show, instead of trophies, winners for each category will receive the coveted RMCMA trophy belt buckle. However, this year, the buckles come from the most well-respected buckle maker in America, Montana Silversmiths. The Rocky Mountain CMAs and Montana have agreed on an exclusive partnership for the 2020 show that will mean all eleven award winners will receive a custom made Montana buckle as their award.


Below are all of the nominees for this year’s awards, as well as a full list of artists and celebrities who are performing or appearing at the show.

Musician of the Year

  • John Macy
  • Brooke Latka (Chancey Williams)
  • Lane Turner (Ned LeDoux)
  • John DeWitt (Tyler Walker Band)
  • Matty Sanders (Emmett Bower Band)
  • Emmy Jerde (Zeona Road)
  • Jimmy Weber

Songwriter of the Year

  • Tris Munsick, for Tightrope
  • Lazarus and Levi Blehm, for That Was You and Me
  • Dennis Anderson and Austin Wahlert, for Son You Gotta Ride ‘Em
  • Sean Curtis, for Your Name
  • Ned LeDoux and Corb Lund, for Dance with Your Spurs On
  • D.J. Bridwell, for Useless
  • Jesse Cornett, for In the Rain

Venue of the Year

  • Pub Station – Billings, Montana
  • The Hat – Manhattan, Kansas
  • Loud American Roadhouse – Sturgis, South Dakota
  • Warehouse 25Sixty-Five – Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Single Barrel – Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Cowboy Saloon and Dancehall – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Grizzly Rose – Denver, Colorado

New Artist of the Year

  • Brandon Jones
  • Caitlyn Ochsner
  • Bo DePena
  • Sarahbeth Taite
  • Brianna Helbling
  • Larry Nix
  • Lexi Wyman

Event/Festival of the Year

  • New Mexico State Fair – Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • NEBRASKAland Days – North Platte, Nebraska
  • Greeley Stampede – Greeley, Colorado
  • ND Country Fest – New Salem, North Dakota
  • Seven Peaks – Buena Vista, Colorado
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Under the Big Sky Music and Arts – Whitefish, Montana

Male Vocalist of the Year

  • Spencer Crandall
  • Logan Mize
  • Lucas Hoge
  • Chancey Williams
  • Ned Ledoux
  • Scott Brown (Scooter Brown Band)
  • Kenny Feidler

Female Vocalist of the Year

  • Kelli Jones (The Belles)
  • Clare Dunn
  • Ingrid Andress
  • Stephanie Quayle
  • Bri Bagwell
  • Gwen Sebastian
  • Savannah Keyes

Song of the Year

  • Wildest Things – Kenny Feidler, Trap Kit
  • Blame it on the Wine – Jagertown
  • Ain’t Gotta Grow Up – Logan Mize
  • Vicariously – Aaron Kantor
  • Wyoming Wind – Chancey Williams
  • Beautiful Girl – The Belles
  • If I Was a Cowboy – Stephanie Quayle

Album of the Year

  • There Goes My Heart – Lance & Lea
  • More – Spencer Crandall
  • Western Abyss – Ryan Chrys and the Roughcuts
  • Next in Line – Ned LeDoux
  • Spit Cup – Long Cut
  • Hardly Haggard – Larry Nix
  • Prairie Fire – Savanna Chestnut

Entertainer of the Year

  • Lucas Hoge
  • Ned LeDoux
  • Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band
  • Scooter Brown Band
  • 32 Below
  • Logan Mize
  • Clare Dunn


  • Austin Wahlert
  • Brandon Jones
  • Brianna Helbling
  • Bruce Ford
  • Caitlyn Ochsner
  • Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band (tentative)
  • Christopher Thomas
  • Clare Dunn (Presented by M&M Creamery)
  • Colton Orcutt
  • Corb Lund (Presented by M&M Creamery)
  • COVErgeist
  • DJ Bridwell
  • Double Wide
  • Evan Winscott
  • Hailey Frederiksen, Miss Rodeo Colorado
  • Jimmy Weber
  • Kenny Feidler
  • Larry Nix
  • Lazer and Levi
  • Ned LeDoux
  • Nurse Kelley Johnson
  • Savanna Chestnut
  • Savannah Keyes
  • Scooter Brown Band
  • Scott and Sadie
  • Sean Curtis and the Divide
  • Shawn Patrick
  • Stephanie Quayle
  • Trap Kit
  • Tyler Walker

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