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5 Red Dirt Country Songs to Add to Your Playlist

If you’re anything like me then you can listen for hours on end to your favorite red dirt country music songs. I grew up with my stepdad singing country western music in dive bars and local restaurants so I’m beyond familiar with the likes of Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings and so many more. I think that red dirt is an ode to those classic westerns, telling a story with just a voice and a few instruments. One thing I love about music is that it connects people regardless of their upbringing and it’s something we can all have in common. Below are just a few of my recent favorites that I think need to be on everyone’s Spotify playlist.

West Texas is the Best Texas – The Panhandlers

While not overly new, the Panhandlers are made up of four, highly successful and widely recognized artists in the Red Dirt Scene. The band members consist of Josh Abbott from the Josh Abbott Band, William Clark Green, John Baumann, and Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero. The group initially started by wanting to do a collection of cover songs that honored and celebrate the spirit of west Texas and the artist that came before them (the Panhandlers of Texas). With one full album, a couple of singles, and some EPs, this union was a match made in heaven in my opinion. It truly doesn’t get any better than this mash-up of talented, Texas artists.

Nothing’s News – Cody Jinks, Clint Black, Ward Davis

Don’t come at for another group, but I couldn’t pass up adding this one to my playlist. As a diehard 90s country fan, I love Clint Black and I love Cody Jinks so you really can’t go wrong with this tune. The three have been playing together as shown on Clint Black’s Facebook page. In my opinion, I’d love to see more groups made up of classic and new talent.

Cigarettes – Ty Walker

Okay, this guy is so new, I don’t have a whole to share about him other than I loved his sound and he’s a proud Texas Aggie. Would love to hear your thoughts on him and see if it’s only me or if there is something there. It’s hard to pinpoint who he sounds like, but I’m a fan. Also, his other new song, Yellow, is a jam. Check out his Spotify channel and you won’t be disappointed.

Fire in the Ocean – Shane Smith and the Saints

I’m honestly not quite if Shane Smith and the Saints qualify as your traditional red dirt country, but I love their sound nonetheless. They do however qualify as a badass Texas country band. Having followed in the footsteps of Chris Stapleton, Ryan Bingham, and Hayes Carll, their sound is unique and moving and all their own. Everything they put out is packed with feeling and it’s something the band prides itself on is not putting something out just to put it out. I loved both of their recently released new singles.

Shines Through – Dylan Wheeler

Okay, this might be my wildcard pick. Not my typical pick to add to my playlist, but his sound takes me back to a 90s rock that is all too familiar to me as well. A little rougher around the edges, but great music regardless. Dylan is an Independent Texas artist, which we are seeing more and more of these days. If you like, let him know and make sure to add this to your playlist.

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