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50th Annual Verde Valley Fair & Rodeo in Cottonwood, AZ

Once again, the Verde Valley Fair and Rodeo came out a-blazing in Cottonwood, Arizona, bringing with it a rich history of all-around family entertainment and fun in music, food and entertainment.

It’s hard enough believing another Annual Verde Valley Fair & Rodeo has come and gone. But what we don’t really believe is that it’s been five decades of celebrating this old-fashioned tribute to county fairs. That’s right, 50 years!

50th-Annual-Verde-Valley-Fair-and-Rodeo-in-Cottonwood-AZ-(2)Once again, the event came out a-blazing in Cottonwood, Arizona, bringing with it a rich history of all-around family entertainment and fun in music, food and entertainment. It, as always, was a great tribute to legendary fun fair, livestock and Western heritage. The gates opened on Wednesday, May 1st, and ran for five days, closing on Sunday. In between, there was a cascade of delights like games of chance, funnel cakes, corn dogs, snow cones and classics such as cotton candy and candy apples.

And of course there were livestock shows, concerts, exhibits and kick-up-a-storm pro rodeo. The carnival concessionaire was Browns Amusements. They supplied a ton of kiddie rides, but gave the big kids plenty as well, including a haunted house, bumper cars, a carousel and other great rides like the Pharaoh’s Fury, Graviton, the Mini-Himalaya and a new attractive for the more adventurous: Fear Factor.

50th-Annual-Verde-Valley-Fair-and-Rodeo-in-Cottonwood-AZ-(3)The real fun at the Verde Valley Fair was the big action. There were 30 competitors in the Youth Rodeo this year. These kids spent six months and more preparing for the show and they did not disappoint. And the Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo featured real cowfolk from neighboring ranches that both impressed and delighted. The cowboys and cowgirls in Cottonwood, Arizona, enjoyed award ceremonies and auctions. Jed Morrison proved the show does go on when rain started to fall and he moved into the show barn. There was also music from Two Cities, Cheap Sunglasses and Cross Fire.

50th-Annual-Verde-Valley-Fair-and-Rodeo-in-Cottonwood-AZ-(5)It may have been the 50th Annual Verde Valley Fair & Rodeo, but with activities like the RC racing in the race arena, there wasn’t a single wrinkle on the Cottonwood, Arizona, festivities. Not surprisingly. This has always been an event that focused on youth exhibitions and the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls.

50th-Annual-Verde-Valley-Fair-and-Rodeo-in-Cottonwood-AZ-(4)If you weren’t at the Verde Valley Fair, it’s not too late to catch up. Between the Cowboy Lifestyle Network and the Verde Valley Fair Association, you can get the scoop on everything that took place over the five days. Check out their websites and see why you need to be ready to get out to Cottonwood for event number 51.

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Peter the "Cowboy" is a gunslinger style writer from Bismark, North Dakota. Controversy is his middle name. He loves the cowboy lifestyle and being an American.

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