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A Day in the Life of a Little Cowboy

A Day in the Life of a Little Cowboy – It’s Saturday morning, the sun is just peeking through the windows, Mom has breakfast on the stove, my little brother is across the hall babbling his good morning tunes, the horses are calling for their breakfast and Dad is hollering for me to get out of bed.  I scramble out of bed, barely miss stepping the remnants of last night’s rodeo performance, with a thrown cowboy lying in the middle of the arena and a bronc standing victorious near the out gate, anxiously waiting for the second go-round to start later tonight. Running down the hallway towards the living room I get sidetracked when I catch a glimpse of my bull just waiting to be ridden. I instantly climb on and yell out “let’s go boys!”. The bull and I go head to head; bouncing around the living room, throwing my free arm up in the air, all while trying to make that eight-second whistle. I hold on with all my might when suddenly the bull jumps one way and sends me tumbling to the floor the other way.

Photo courtesy of 2 Diamond Photography

By then mom and dad have heard the commotion and come to see how the next round will go. My Mom says it’s time for breakfast, but I beg to go outside with Dad and feed the horses. Dad always says the faster the horses eat, the faster we can ride and rope some steers. All I ever want is to ride my horse “Newby” and swing a rope. While reluctantly waiting for breakfast to be served, I search my room for one of my many ropes, only to remember

I had left it down in the horse trailer.  However, I don’t let that stop me for too long, as I quickly find my dog’s leash and build myself a loop. I grab my bull, the same one that I just bucked out of chute number one, get it set it up in the living room in a makeshift roping chute, take my place in the header’s box, nod my head, and let my loop fly.  After a few runs, I convince my Dad to join me; a quick nod of my head, two swings of my loop, slick horn catch, and I turn him while my Dad gathers up two feet…it’s a clean run at six seconds flat.  I look to my brother for our cheering section, which explodes in tiny clapping and excited squealing; I may have taught him the proper response to such an awesome run after countless rodeo performances that happen daily on my bedroom floor.

Photo courtesy of 2 Diamond Photography

Breakfast came and went, and now there is only one thing left to do for this little cowboy…saddle up and ride.  We saddle the horses and the steers are pushed up the alley to the chute. My Dad tosses me up in my saddle and I take off to warm up my main mount, Newby. Around and around we go, slowly loosening him up and giving myself a pep talk inspired by champions.  Just a few simple steps: back into the box, nod my head, and let the rope fly! Over and over I go through the motions in my head of what my next run will be like.  After our warm up, we are ready to back into the box.  My mom is working the chute, waiting for me to nod.  Within seconds the chute opens, the steer takes off, and I’m clean at the barrier!  One, two, three swings in and I let my loop fly…slick horns as I head left with Dad trailing right behind, fixing to let his loop scoop up two feet.  The rope goes tight as Newby faces and the flag is dropped, we have a smooth run! My Mom cheers and I throw a small victory party in my head. We continue to rope for hours to come, only to break for lunch.

Photo courtesy of 2 Diamond Photography

The sun has begun to go down which means it’s time to unsaddle and settle in for a relaxing night.  As I walk Newby back to his stall, I give him a grateful and heartfelt thanks for always taking care of me when I’m high in the saddle and offer him a good ear scratch and lots of green hay to fill his belly.  As I head back to the house I yell over my shoulder, “goodnight, this little cowboy will be back at it again in the morning”!

Mom is yelling for us to come inside, supper is ready. I end the night the same way it began, I hop on my bull and yell “let’s go boys!”.  Again, we go jump for jump all around the living room. When bedtime finally arrives, my Mom kisses me goodnight and I snuggle up to my stuffed pony. I start to doze off and my dreams of making it to the bright lights of Las Vegas begin to play in my head. It’s the short go and I am sitting high call with my partner. With me on the head side and my buddy on the heel side, I nod my head as everything becomes a blur. In a quick six seconds flat, we make a smooth run and the crowd goes wild. This little cowboy just became a World Champion!

Photo courtesy of 2 Diamond Photography

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