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Dreaming of a Western Wedding? Get Inspired With Photographer Brooke Ehlers-Juma

Whether you’re a rancher, cowgirl, or just love the idea of a western wedding, I collaborated with photographer, Brooke Ehlers-Juma to give you all of the inspiration for a western wedding.

There’s nothing dreamier than a Western wedding  I was able to collaborate with Brooke, with Brooke Juma Photography, to bring some inspiration to all of you dreaming of a Western wedding. Every wedding is special and unique in its own way. It is a celebration of love, commitment, and the beginning of a new journey for the couple. When it comes to wedding themes, many couples choose to go with a traditional theme, while others opt for something more unique and personalized. In recent years, Western weddings have become increasingly more popular, with many couples embracing the rustic charm and natural beauty of ranch weddings. But what makes a true Western wedding? Let’s explore further and discover what makes them so special.

Photos with Your Ranch Wagon

There’s something about a horse-drawn wagon at weddings. Wagons are still used on some ranches to help with seasonal work so it’s refreshing to see a wagon that isn’t overly polished and something that looks like it has a story of its own that adds to the overall charm of the wedding. 

Turquoise Jewelry and a Boho-Style Dress

A girl can never have too much turquoise, especially on her wedding day. Pair that with a perfect, lacey boho-style dress and you’ve got a style all your own that will make your day the picture-perfect day you’ve always dreamed of. 

All the Cowboy Hats

Give us all the cowboy hats. This is a classic Western look that truly never goes out of style. Whether it’s all the men wearing them, or the women joining in the fun too, a wedding is a great reason to buy a new lid!

Old Barns

There’s just something dreamy about a wedding in a barn. Barn weddings have been popular for the last several years, but when the barn is more than just a venue, it makes the wedding all the more special. 

Photos in a Special Place

Sometimes, the things that make a ranch wedding special are the quiet moments, alone in your favorite place. If you were dreaming up the perfect place for a wedding or wedding photos, what special place on your farm or ranch would you choose? 

All in the Details

Everything from cowboy boots to touches of silver and leather can make your day that much more special. Maybe you can incorporate something new, something, blue, and something borrowed into the details of your western wedding. The details of these weddings have me swooning. 

Old Ranch Trucks

Whether it’s the old feed truck, or a relic from days gone by, including a ranch truck in your wedding is always a good idea. I encourage you to think about all the ways that make your wedding day special and include those in your photos to save as forever memories. I promise you won’t regret it!

About Brooke Ehlers-Juma

Brooke Ehlers is a Western lifestyle & wedding photographer. She thrives off of capturing the Western industry & its people. Her passion for capturing the rich culture in the Western industry stems from growing up on a ranch in Wyoming. She has experienced the lifestyle firsthand, giving her a unique perspective of the industry’s beauty which aids in capturing its people most authentically. Nothing makes her happier than serving the Western industry & capturing its story. 

Check her out at Brooke Juma Photography | @_brookejumaphotography_

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