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A Day in the Life of an Auctioneer

48 years ago, the Cadzow’s were seeking something that was outside of the normal grind that would allow them to do something they loved while also giving people a wonderful experience. They found their passion in Western Sales Management which stands for WSM Auctions in Phoenix, Arizona.

Today WSM Auctions has at least twelve auctions per year and some online auctions as well. But what does it take to host one of these auctions? What does it take to truly be an auctioneer?


Everybody knows what an auctioneer is but nobody knows how to get there. There is an idea of how to become almost anything else from newscaster to consultant to actor, but you can’t just start auctioneering. You can’t set up a soapbox on a street corner and start selling things. You have to have an auction in place. To become an auctioneer, you generally have to work for an auction company. You have to put in five, six years there. And to get a job at an auction company is one of the hardest things to do.

Which is why John Cadzow decided to take over the company from his dad in 2002. He was ready to take over the company with fresh ideas and new technology, which is the other aspect of being an auctioneer in the business. It takes more than just one man to put on auctions, but with help, John is able to provide the same level of care and service that his dad was able to provide all those years ago.


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Krysta Paffrath, an Arizona native, is a social media marketer by trade but has a passion for the western lifestyle. She runs and owns two local businesses at just the young age of twenty-five. Her entrepreneurial spirit has guided her to work in many places like the WYO Quarter Horse Ranch in Thermopolis, Wyoming, a working cattle ranch in Seligman, Arizona and many places in between. Krysta has been involved in the rodeo scene for several years and is excited to be teaming up with Cowboy Lifestyle Network. Between being passionate about her career and preserving the western way of life she is excited to see what this next chapter holds for her.

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