ABBI – American Bucking Bull, Inc.

American Bucking Bull, Inc. (ABBI) is the leader for bucking cattle DNA registry. With a goal to preserve and record the legacy of champions, there are over 180,000 animals in their database.

Brief History
American Bucking Bull Inc (ABBI) eventThough ABBI launched its American Bucking Horse Registry for the year of 2016 and beyond, its foundations go back to 2003, when the Professional Bull Riders Inc. started a DNA registry. Outside of the registry, American Bucking Bull organizes standalone events to review stock on their own merits. The result has been development and promotion of bucking bull breeding programs and significant rewards for the best of the best through everything from review panels to Futurity.

PBR World FinalsFuturity programs are used to encourage the breeding of outstanding stock. They educate and train to ensure a bull has the right stuff to compete safely. If an owner plans to legitimately and seriously breed a show bull, that animal needs to be enrolled in a futurity program early. It is the only way to ensure the bull will meet all the specific criteria for competition.

Upcoming Events
The ABBI was recently at American Heritage West Futurity in Los Lunas, New Mexico. The upcoming 2016 season includes the End Classic Championship, the End Derby Championship, the World Finals Lifetime Derby Champion in Las Vegas and the World Finals Cowgirls for a Cure. There will be awards like the Montana Silversmiths Custom Spurs and cash prizes.

American Bucking Bull Inc (ABBI) MagazineABBI intends to develop and encourage comprehensive and diverse events and programs that promote, educate and familiarize its members, owners and the public about the unique qualities and heritage of livestock. They do this through registered cattle ownership, membership, sponsorship and involvement through marketing, publicity and advertising of the bucking bull breed with services, events and benefits. The organization offers services that enhance best practices in bucking bull ownership, training, breeding and welfare. American Bucking Bull also has a junior membership for nine to 18 year olds who are ready to learn about breeding.

American Bucking Bull Inc (ABBI) Rule BookOne of the many organizations that support the ABBI is the Cowboy Lifestyle Network. This will be no surprise to any cowboy or cowgirl that loves rodeo.

The Cowboy Lifestyle Network is the leading online resource and community for all things rodeo. Neither a television, newspaper or magazine outlet, but rather an online source for everything cowboy, they are excited about the good works of American Bucking Bull, Inc.

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