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Cowboys: A Dying Breed

Is mainstream media aiding in the disappearance of the American Cowboy? Is America forgetting what the wild west was based on? Or where our food comes from? Cowboy Lifestyle Network will leave it up to you to decide. In the age of mainstream trends, absurd reality TV shows and ridiculous celebrities doing anything to keep their fame in the spotlight, mainstream America has become more and more fixated on anything that has to do with Hollywood and has seemed to have lost touch of its โ€œcowboy ideals.โ€

You may ask, what exactly is “cowboy ideals?” It has to do with cowboys, cowgirls, and western ways of life. It’s living within your means, raising cattle, farming, having integrity, honesty, and really, it’s the best way of living. Just take a look at any western industry company and you will see these cowboy ideals in place. That is one thing we love about our industry.

But why don’t more Americans live or appreciate this way of life? Thanks to mass media, the general public tends to mimic celebrity ideas, fashions, perspectives, memes, values, norms, and beliefs. This, in turn, generates large quantities of cash flow for the Hollywood industry, leaving everyone making money off of the American mainstream fat, sassy and happy and leaving the cowboy way of life in the dust.

Although some merely watch for entertainment and do not let mass media affect their character, America needs to start being more cautious. Tip: Donโ€™t get wrapped up in pointless celebrity banter. It has the ability to threaten your morals and beliefs whether you like it or not. With many Americans disgusted by the misdeeds of certain celebrities and suspicious of the Hollywood industry at large, it is imperative that we go back to our American roots, what the foundation of the United States was based upon-dating back throughout the history ofย Cowboys.

For instance, in your heart, you know what’s right and wrong, but it is easier said than done when actually trying to do what’s right. In other words, cowboy ideals explore the life and industry of the working cowboy. After all, the cowboy is a source of inspiration in a time where the industry desperately needs a way out of its troubles.

It is our job, as fans and believers of the western industry to educate the uneducated and show people what the true cowboy ideal is.ย Together we can shed light on the western industry and help people understand why we need it. Cowboy Lifestyle Network encourages everyone to keep cowboy ethics alive so that we can continue to be inspired and grow stronger within society. To do so, cowboys and cowgirls have to stay true themselves, trust their gut feeling, and do their best every day.

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Peter the "Cowboy" is a gunslinger style writer from Bismark, North Dakota. Controversy is his middle name. He loves the cowboy lifestyle and being an American.

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