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Wrangler National Patriot Tour 2015

Recently, American300 and Wrangler National Patriot Tour traveled overseas to support our troops as the Western culture thanks them for serving our country.

kaycee Feild-with-military


Wrangler National Patriot Tour 2015

To honor tradition, champion cowboys and cowgirls of the United States traveled overseas this memorial holiday to honor our active service members as part of the Wrangler National Patriot Tour.

Among others on the trip: Kaycee Feild, Brittney Truman (Miss Rodeo Arizona 2013)Maegan Ridley Hollander (Miss Rodeo America), Lucas Hoge, and Jeff Chadwick took time out of their busy schedules to visit an undisclosed location in the Middle East to support and entertain our troops.


Brittney Truman, Maegan Ridley Hollander, and US troops.

Wrangler founded this program in 2009, this is a year-round program developed to raise funds, support American military, veterans and their families.
This program serves as inspiration for Americans to unify behind our troops in patriotism.

American300 Tours are focused on placing valued individuals with Troops all over the world.

These individuals spend quality time with Service Members, offering not only their personal stories, but a knowing ear and shoulder heavy in experience.


“There’s a lot of grip and rip one hit programming going on… American300 tours create long term relationships focused on being the best we can all be in duty to our country, families and friends.”
-Rob powers, Veteran and founder of American 300.

The result: soldiers grew from the exchanges in a positive, productive manner, developing a sense of hope and understanding.

Tune into the Cowboy Lifestyle Network for more exclusive content covering the American300, and the Wrangler National Patriot Tour.

For more pictures and videos of this tour, please visit or the American300 Facebook page.

Special thanks to Jeff Chadwick at Wrangler Network for supporting our troops and the rodeo industry.

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