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Music Monday Featured Artist: Andy Ross

Andy Ross isn’t just another country musician. He’s a CEO, patriot, entrepreneur, TV host, and more. “I had a TV show for 10 years on the Outdoor Channel called Maximum Archery. I traveled the world for 7 months each year, bow-hunting various games. We made the show kind of a hybrid show where we included rock and roll. It became a behind-the-scenes about the making of the show with segments on the hunt and the travel. We’d film our time in the bars, throwing darts, drinking beer, and playing music in these various places.” With the success of the show, came the success of Ross’ music as well. Andy’s music has been featured across many mainstream media platforms including (but definitely not limited to) his song, Playing in the Mud, being used as the GNCC Racing Series theme song on Fox Sports and Cold Dead Hands was the inspiration for Danny “The Count” Koker to build a 2nd Amendment muscle car on the History Channel show, Counting Cars. 

In 2016, Andy’s album “Time to Fight” featured a song called American Rebel. It quickly became a patriotic anthem that went viral and sparked the idea to turn it into a whole brand. Now, just six years later, American Rebel is a publicly traded company that is all things 2nd Amendment. From gun safes to CCW apparel and accessories, American Rebel is producing not just a brand, but a lifestyle.

Ross’ new single, All American Heart, releases on July 29th. Another ode to the American people, All American Heart pays tribute to those who make our country run- from farmers to teachers and everyone in between. Ross states

“I write a lot of patriotic songs. There’s usually at least 3 or 4 on every album. With this song I really wanted to identify and pull on the heartstrings of all the people out there who make this country great and make this country work. It’s easy to give credit to a certain group of people, but if the corn farmer or waste management guys aren’t doing their jobs, there’s gonna be a problem. There’s a lot of people out there who are unsung heroes who make this whole thing called America go around. Small town teachers to Bible-belt preachers. That’s what the song is about and I think we did a great job in the writing of it.”

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