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Arizona Junior Rodeo Association (AJRA) 2017 Finals

Put your boots on and fasten your chaps! The Arizona Junior Rodeo Association Finals are in Prescott, Arizona on May 20 and May 21!

On May 20 and May 21, approximately 100 young athletes will delight spectators while competing for prizes and recognition. The excitement unfolds at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds during the annual Arizona Junior Rodeo Association finals. The AJRA members are cowboys and cowgirls ranging in age from 4 to 18 who express dedication to the sport of rodeo and the western lifestyle.

History of the Arizona Junior Rodeo Association

The Arizona Junior Rodeo Association was formed in 1965. The first junior rodeo finals took place two years later at the Arizona State Fair. The mission of the organization includes promoting Christian principles and encouraging young members to live their lives in accordance with these ideals. The AJRA cowboys and cowgirls also strive to educate others while promoting the heritage and traditions associated with rodeo sports.

Scheduled Junior Rodeo Events

The following is a list of events taking place during the AJRA finals. The current year’s leading standards are also provided according to age group and as has been reported. Competitors desiring to participate in the 2017 finals must register by May 3.

• Break-Away Roping-Ketch Kelton 141 points (9-12)
• Calf Riding-Ariyana Escobedo 157 points (4-8)
• Barrel Racing-Buck Bennett 158 points (4-8), Brylee Banning 159 points (9-12), Cassie Miller 175.5 points (13-15), Baylee Johnston 154 points (16-18)
• Cowgirl’s Breakaway Roping- Kenzie Kelton 111 points (9-12), Cassie Miller 168.5 points (13-15), Baylee Johnston 131 points (16-18)
• Goat Tying-Tanner Ervin 146 points (4-8), Dallas Jo Keenan 155 points (9-12), Ketch Kelton 192 points (9-12), Rudy Rodriguez 152 points (13-15), Baylee Johnston 206 points (16-18)
• Boys Bull Riding- Avery Mullins 164 points (9-12)
• Pole Bending-Buck Bennett 136.5 points (4-8), Brylee Banning 152 points (9-12), Elisa Rose 137 points (13-15), Hailey Jones 154 points (16-18)
• Ribbon Roping-Ketch Kelton 154 points (9-12), Jackson Clark 130 points (13-15), Sam Garside 172 points (16-18)
• Saddle Steer Riding
• Steer Riding
• Team Roping-Kreed Kasun 58 points (4-8), Ketch Kelton 174 points (9-12), Rube Anthony Woolsey 106 points (13-15), Sam Garside 107 points (16-18)

Some of the many 2016 AJRA final winners include Caden Hooper, Ben Gould, Aubrey Reidhead, Brody Freeman, Hailey Jones, Baili Carter, Trace Hancock, Baylee Johnston, Little Kelton and Denton Petersen.

Media Coverage

The Cowboy Lifestyle Network plans on attending the 2017 Junior Rodeo to bring viewers the latest update of all the events. Media coverage will also be provided by the Ak-Chin Indian Community, Earnhardt Auto Centers and the Papa John’s Road Team.

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