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Artist Spotlight: Ashley McBryde on the Airwaves

I was absolutely hooked the first time that I heard Little Dive Bar in Dalonaga by Ashley McBryde I knew I had to hear more. A voice that is not like the others on radio right now is very refreshing to the ears.

Photo Credit: Ashley McBryde FaceBook

And then getting to meet Ashley I fell in love with her style even more. My abs hurt so much from laughing so hard in the short time that she came to the studio, you could tell that this girl is destined for musical success. I just couldn’t believe why I hadn’t heard of her sooner! Her follow up song to “Dive Bar” was “Girl Going Nowhere”.

Photo Credit: Ashley McBryde FaceBook

I think that numerous people can relate to this especially if you’ve been from a small-town. The majority of people want to see you succeed however there are some that can’t wait to tell you that your dream is foolish and that you will always come back with your tail tucked.

The real and raw way Ashley puts these feelings into a song makes them quite unique and captivating. I couldn’t help but listen to her entire CD all the way through, which believe me, doesn’t happen often.

Ashley has been selling out venues since “Dive Bar” hit the airwaves and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon make sure if you have a chance you catch her out on the road, download her album, and requested it on your local stations…this girl is going to be making country music the way it should be again. Make sure to check out this extra Youtube clip that got me hooked on her humor and songwriting capability. With a start like this, I can’t wait to bring you more updates on her career.

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