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Best Colleges For College Rodeo

College is quickly approaching for all you high school seniors! If you plan on attending college this fall and also enrolling in college rodeo you may want to start applying. College is a struggle for most, it’s a big change from living at home to moving out on your own and making your own decisions. You have harder classes and basically, the next 2-4 years of your life are going to be shaping your future. Β But for any of you kids who plan on college rodeoing, you have a whole other set of problems to deal with.

When you are planning on college rodeoing you are no longer looking at a school based on your education (I heard it’s not too important anyway). You are now also looking at which school has the best team, the better coaches and the nicer facilities (it’s exhausting). Luckily for the most part word travels fast in the rodeo world so you can easily get the lowdown of each college rodeo team in a blink of an eye.

The top 10 schools were all rated based off of results. They were all schools that year after year continued to be hard to beat. The schools are as follows.

1.Walla Walla Community College

2.Tarleton State University

3. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

4. California Polytechnic State University

5. Central Wyoming College

6. New Mexico State University

7. Weber State University

8. Sam Houston State University

9. Mesalands Community College

10. College of Southern Idaho

If you are serious about wanting to better your rodeo career and plan on going to college you may want to consider one of these schools. Now with all that being said, if you choose to college rodeo somewhere else that does not mean you will be a bad competitor. Each team benefits an athlete in a different way. For some, they may love being on a large team, but for others, they might need that extra help from their coaches. Everyone learns and practices in their own ways. You just need to find what school/ team you will learn the most from and that is what will depict your rodeo career.

So waste no time and start looking into the coaches and the kind of team he or she likes to operate. Really look into it and make sure it will be somewhere that you will feel comfortable leaving your horses, trailer, truck, tac, hay, etc. And try to remember that no matter what school or region you are competing in, everyone is at their own level.


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Sarah Serrano-Smith is a native Arizonan, who comes from a competitive rodeo family. She is planning to graduate with her degree in Agriculture Business and a minor in Journalism. In her free-time she enjoys competing at rodeos and jackpots.

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