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BFA World Championship Finals 2020

The time is now folks, the BFA (Barrel Futurities of America) World Championship Finals is taking place on November 13-21st at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  It all started in 1986 when the Barrel Futurities of America was established to bring unity to the Barrel Futurity Industry. They did so by setting up standards that contestants and producers follow, so all BFA events are being run under uniform guidelines.

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Juvenile horses (3-year-olds) can make their first showing run at the BFA World Championship Juvenile Futurity with $50,000 in added money. Future Fortunes’ horses will be running with an additional $35,000 in Bonus Money and an additional $5,000 Amateur, $5,000 Rookie, $5,000 Select Senior (60 +), $1,000 Youth and $1,000 Owner/Breeder/Rider. All of these are at no additional entry fee.

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There will be $70,000 added 4-year-old Futurity which is the last futurity for 4-year-olds or the first futurity for coming 5-year-old futurity horses held during the BFA World Championship. $5,000 JR Rider Finals and a $10,000 Amateur Finals are also included. The incentive programs include a PBRIPP Incentive and $2,500 APHA. The Future Fortunes Stallion Incentive offers $35,000 Bonus Money, $10,000 Amateur, $5,000 Rookie, $5,000 Select Senior (60+), $1,000 Owner/Breeder/Rider, and $1,000 Youth. All of these are at no additional entry fee.

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The BFA World Championships also offers 5 and 6-year-old horses a $20,000 Added Derby with a $5,000 Amateur Finals. Future Fortunes Stallion Incentives offers $1,000 Owner/Breeder/Rider, $1,000 Youth, $4,000 Team Challenge, $5,000 Select Senior (60+), $5,000 Amateur, and $10,000 Bonus Money. All of these are at no additional entry fee.

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An exciting highlight of the BFA World Championship is the $250,000 BFA $uper$takes, this helps make the 5-day event payout top $1 million! You can find the BFA World Championship schedule here! The BFA Finals is another event that supports the overall mission of the Barrel Futurities of America. Their mission is simple,

Barrel Futurities of America (BFA) was established in 1986 to unify the Barrel Futurity Industry. By setting up standards that Producers and Contestants follow, all BFA events are run under uniform guidelines.

If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about the Barrel Futurities of American, make sure to check out their website for more information!

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