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Building a Taste Experience with Bobby T’s Jerky

Learn about Bob Tallman’s FDA Approved Beef Jerky. Try all Bobby T’s Jerky flavors, Sweet Smoked, Peppered Hickory, Brown Sugar BBQ & Valle Sagrado Chile.

His voice is heard and his image is seen by more than 30 million people across the country each year. He entertains and informs more than 3 million fans a year in Texas alone. From rodeo circuits to national commercials to regional charity events, his is the voice people recognize and trust. He is Bob Tallman and our Bobby T.

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With each word, Bob draws his audience into his world, allowing his listeners to enjoy and experience what he has come to love. With Bobby T’s Jerky, that experience will happen with their first taste of its smoky Texas hickory flavor, stimulating visions of cattle in green pastures, crackling fires and wide open spaces.
Building a Taste Experience with Bobby T's Jerky

Drive just north of Weatherford, Texas to small-town Poolville and you’ll find 3T Ranch, a place that represents all that goes into Bobby T’s Beef Jerky. A 5th generation rancher and Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame announcer, Bob Tallman makes it his personal priority to have the best beef jerky, not only in the great state of Texas, but across the nation.

Handcrafted in Menard, Texas (population 1,653), by the family-owned Ranch House Meats, Bobby T’s Jerky has to live up to Texas standards for taste and tenderness.
Try all our flavors, Sweet Smoked, Peppered Hickory, Brown Sugar BBQ, and Valle Sagrado Chile. Go to to order online or locate a retailer near you!

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