Legends of the Old West Podcast: Jesse James

Check out this podcast from our friends at @blackbarrelmedia! “Legends of the Old West” tells all the classic stories of the wild days of the American West.

Classic true stories of the Old West. From the Battle of the Little Bighorn to Gunfight at the O.K. Corral; from Wyatt Earp to Jesse James, this show brings to the Old West back to life.

In their 3rd season, it’s the tale of the most famous outlaw who ever lived: JESSE JAMES.

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Visit Black Barrel Media ( https://www.blackbarrelmedia.com/podcasts ) to discover their new series “Infamous America.” Their new podcast series explores the wildest and darkest chapters of American history. Season One features the tale of the Salem witch trials.

Now playing: Season Three — JESSE JAMES

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