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Bonnie Bishop takes a leap of faith during her music performance at the 2013 Wrangler NFR

Bonnie Bishop, graced CLN at the 2013 Wrangler NFR at Thomas & Mack Center on December 10, 2013 in Las Vegas to start off the 7th rodeo performance.

bonnie bishop 2The Texas native and Nashville local, country rock singer and songwriter, Bonnie Bishop, graced the 2013 Wrangler NFR at Thomas & Mack Center on December 10, 2013 in Las Vegas to start off the 7th rodeo performance. I sat down with Bonnie Bishop after her performance and got an exclusive insider of what all went down.
Right after the second chorus the music goes dead… silence. Pyrotechnics are still going and the girls kept dancing then one of the girls on stage with Bonnie goes, “the music just went out.”
In that single moment, Bonnie Bishop had a very difficult decision to make. Reacting to a circumstance like that under the spotlight of nearly 20,000 people can go one way or the other.
“They will get the music back on,” Said Bonnie.
And in that fraction of a second, Bishop took a courageous leap of faith to keep going. So she kept singing occupella and got through the second verse. Still with no music, she sang through the second chorus.

Bonnie 5“I realized oh no the guitar solo is coming up, which is like the worst part when you have no music playing, so I had no choice and went ‘bearrrchickachickaaa beerrrchiccacaa’ (as she imitated guitar effect sounds with her voice) … “I didn’t know what else to do!”

“The scenario flashed through my head of putting the mic down and looking around like somebody is an idiot, but then I said to myself, That’s not how this thing is going to end in front of 18,000 people. So I finished it up strong and kept everyone together on time and the fans started cheering when they realized what had happened.”
Bonnie Bishop took an incredible leap of faith that night and proved to not only herself that she could overcome a scenario, but also to all the rodeo fans who could have eaten her up alive. After all, most people would generally give up and fold under the pressure. As a result, Bonnie carried herself with such poise and had such a great attitude about the whole experience after something so unexpected like that happened to her. In fact, every bone in my body is so proud of her tenacity and courageous spirit that I’m sure I am not the only one who feels the same way about #bonniebishop.

Bonnie Bishop & Me

Bonnie Bishop and CLN’s Aaron Kuhl in the NFR Media Room at the Thomas & Mack Center

Be sure to attend Bonnie Bishop’s next shows if you are in the area, as she will be playing in Nashville, TN, Dallas and Austin, TX in the upcoming weeks (view here for more info).
Also, JACKFM partnered with Bonnie to raise money for charity in her very first Christmas song called “The Meaning Behind It All” which is now up and available exclusively on iTunes! In addition, 50% of all the proceeds from every download of this song goes to benefit Toys For Toys “Bikes or Bust” campaign to bring bicycles to underprivileged kids this season. Not only is it a great cause, it’s an amazing song to download for this 2013 Holiday Season! Download it from her website
By: Aaron Kuhl (@aarontkuhl)

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Hello, my name is Aaron Kuhl. I am an Arizona native from Tempe, Arizona. The Western way of life has been rooted in my foundation since day one, with my Mother working for Wrangler Western for over 30+ years growing up. I am proud to have been a part of Cowboy Lifestyle Network since the beginning days of the company after graduating from The University of Arizona. My Faith, Family & Friends are my whole world, and I am very blessed to live the life I live in the land of the free, the United States of America.

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