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#BossBabes of the Western Industry

In this downtime, we wanted to take time to appreciate all the Western #BossBabes that are out there absolutely crushing it despite the current situations. You will find below several women that not embrace the western lifestyle, but live it every day. This is just a snapshot of these women and you can find more in-depth interviews on each one them by clicking their names below. If you know of a #BossBabe that is killing it, send her our way and we would love to do a feature on her!

Kristin Titov, CEO of Hobby Horse Clothing Co.

Kristin’s love for horses, showing, training and the western industry as a whole makes her the perfect candidate for this #BossBabe feature. From the time that she was just seven years old, she was in the “Hobby World”. There’s a quote that Kristin shares that describes her journey with Hobby Horse perfectly,

“Having been involved with the brand, as a child getting my first horse and starting to show, all the way till today as I’m showing in the highest level of the NRHA Competition, all in my Hobby Horse, gives me a unique perspective to able to bring the brand to a new generation.”

That passion has only grown in the 30 years she’s spent in and around the company, from being a consumer to running the company, Hobby Horse is destined for great things. Here’s a quick snapshot of just some of the products they offer. To see more on Hobby Horse and Kristin’s journey, check out their website and social media!

Natalie McFarland – Owner of McFarland Productions

McFarland Productions had its official start back in 2014 but Natalie has been doing photography since she was in college, which was around 2007. In recent years, she added videography to her portfolio and let me tell you, her videos are quite a treat. I asked her in our interview where she was based out of and her answer was something along the lines of “wherever my camera takes me”. She does have an office in Oregon that she uses as a home base, but she travels throughout the US (and soon beyond) capturing anything and everything western related. For more on Natalie and Mcfarland Productions, make sure to check out her social media and website

Fallon Wentz, of Wentz Bucking Bulls

Fallon Wentz, of Wentz Bucking Bulls, is the epitome of what Cowboy Lifestyle stands for, as she has spent her entire life in the stock contracting industry, and also grew up barrel racing. In our featured series, Women of the Western Industry, we interviewed Fallon to get her take on being a #BossBabe in this industry. Make sure to check out the full #BossBabe interview here, and check her out on social @fallon_wentz.

Katie Armstrong, Public Relations for American Hat Co.

Katie Lynn Armstrong is a woman who has a mission: to change the world, one quality cowboy hat at a time. Armstrong, the current Public Relations Director for the iconic American Hat Company brand, is certainly a trailblazer and has never been afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done, getting her start in the industry interning at Classic Rope and working at Saddle Rags, The Western Store, as well as working for companies such as Teskey’s, NRS, and Cowgirl Magazine. You can check out the full #BossBabe interview here!

Shea Fisher-Durfey, Business Owner, Mom and Entrepreneur

Wearing many hats is never easy, but Australian native Shea Fisher-Durfey tackles this challenge daily and is the picture of poise while doing it. Shea, wife of Tyson Durfey, 12x NFR qualifier and 2016 PRCA World Champion Tie-Down Roper, is the mother of two beautiful girls, a professional singer, jewelry designer, barrel racer, and the owner of both Shea Michelle Buckles and Shea Baby Boots, the latter being a successful company that sells high-quality boots geared towards the littlest cowboys and cowgirls in the family. Check out the full #BossBabe interview here!

Jenna Ann Morr, Social Media, Content And Athlete Relations for Cavender’s

I was able to catch up with Jenna at the RFD-TV’s American and then follow up after everything happened with Covid-19. Below are her thoughts on her role in the western industry and how she has managed so far. If you want to check her out on social media, her handle is @Jenna_Ann24!

“The western industry is real, authentic and a way of life unlike any other industry I’ve ever been a part of and that makes it truly unique. We don’t just work in this industry 9-5, we live it 24/7. It’s in our blood. An industry where a tip of the hat is a greeting, a handshake still means something and everyone has a story to tell. Regardless of the type of work, your title, your experience, or your background, everyone has a common goal of keeping the western way of life alive and thriving for generations to come. If you’re willing to work hard, be passionate and stay true to your word, this industry will embrace you, support you and cheer you on along the way. My passion for this industry is indescribable and I feel blessed every day to get to be a member of this community.”

Did I imagine myself here? No. But now that I am, I can truly say there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I’m grateful to work for a company that supports my growth in addition to supporting theirs. My role allows me to work closely with rodeo athletes, whether that is professional or youth. It allows me to make an impact in their life through sponsorships and opportunities to help them grow. I’m honored to be given the chance to tell stories in an authentic way that connects with our community and industry. This is what fuels my passion. This is what makes me get out of bed in the morning. Handling Cavender’s social media content allows me to advance our brand globally through innovative marketing tactics and creativity while having a pulse on who our customer is and engaging with them to better serve them. My hope is that with every post, photo, video, story I tell and conversation I have that my passion for this industry shines through.”

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