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Women of the Western Industry: Fallon Wentz of Wentz Bucking Bulls

Fallon Wentz of Wentz Bucking Bulls

Fallon behind the chutes. Photo courtesy of Bull Stock Media & Josh Homer.

We might be known as Cowboy Lifestyle Network (CLN), but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate all of the hardworking women in the Western Industry. Whether they’re a fashion influencer, stock contractor, rodeo contestant, or artist, women from all types of backgrounds have worked hard to help shape the Western Industry.

In a brand new series by CLN, dubbed Women of the Western Industry, I will be interviewing some of the prominent women in the Western world, learning about what they do, why they are so passionate about it, and how other women can become more involved in the industry.

Fallon Wentz, of Wentz Bucking Bulls, is the perfect cowgirl to kick off this new series with, as she has spent her entire life in the stock contracting industry, and also grew up barrel racing. Keep reading to learn more about Fallon, and how this one-of-a-kind lady has taken life by the reins!

Fallon Wentz of Wentz Bucking Bulls

Photo courtesy of Mariah Allen Studios.

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: I go to school at Columbia Basin College, and I live in Prosser, Washington. I barrel raced for most of my life, but I switched to being more devoted to bulls later on. My family started raising bucking bulls in 1999, the same year I was born, so I’ve always been around the bulls.

Q: Walk me through a day in the life, working in the stock contracting business.
A: Our first priority is our bulls, so our day is built around them. Whether it’s feeding them, bucking calves, or working with one in the chutes, our bulls come first. I help with the bulls when I get home from school each day. I also take photos and videos of our herd, when I can, for our social media accounts.

Q: What is your greatest achievement to date you’re most proud of?
A: As a company, our greatest achievement has been going to the PBR World Finals for the last eight years, and the NFR twice. Personally, my greatest accomplishment has been being invited to work with Montana Silversmiths’ Women of the PBR crew. Various women, such as riders’ wives and girlfriends, along with myself, were featured in Montana Silversmiths’ photoshoots while wearing their jewelry; we later got to create our own jewelry collections and we were also interviewed by the PBR.

Fallon Wentz of Wentz Bucking Bulls

Photo courtesy of Bull Stock Media & Josh Homer.

Q: For girls interested in working for a stock contractor, or being a stock contractor, what is the best advice you can give them?
A: Make sure you’re doing it with the best of intentions. It has to be because you are passionate about the bulls. The stock contractor’s life is not as glamorous as many thinks, a lot of time is spent traveling and caring for the bulls.

Early on, my dad taught me what to look for in a bucking bull, what to watch for during a bull ride, and how to mark both the bull and rider. Once you familiarize yourself with the sport, your education will expand. To begin your own herd, start with a few heifers that buck, then pick which bulls you want to breed them to the mama’s side is crucial.

Q: Besides working in the family business, you’re also an influential figure in the western fashion world. How did you develop your personal style?
A: My personal style branches from my western heritage, the native culture, and my taste in music. I have been raised in the cowboy lifestyle, so I take pieces from the past, such as wild rags and Scully shirts, and mix those with classic pieces from the native culture, such as turquoise jewelry, beadwork, and fringe. I blend those various fashion pieces with a modern twist to create my wardrobe.

In addition, I get my fashion inspiration from my taste in music, which sways from the vibe of country artists that I listen to, such as Miranda Lambert, Sturgill Simpson, and Kacey Musgraves, along with other iconic music artists’ fashion styles that I admire, such as Cher and Stevie Nicks. Add all of that together and you get my fashion style: western chic cowgirl with a dash of a hippie.

Q: What are your biggest goals going into 2020? 
A: My biggest goals going into 2020 are to have my bull, Montana Moon, qualify for the PBR World Finals and the NFR, as well as to work with more western fashion brands that I am passionate about, and to learn more about the bible while strengthening my relationship with the Lord.

Fallon Wentz of Wentz Bucking Bulls

Photo courtesy of Bull Stock Media & Josh Homer.

To keep up with Fallon, follow her on Instagram at @fallon_wentz.

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