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Music Monday Artist Feature: Callie Twisselman

Callie Twisselman, the cowgirl turned singer/songwriter was born and raised on a seventh-generation grain and cattle farm in California. Taking inspiration from her roots, she wrote and recently released her first EP, titled Closure.

Callie says the transition from working in the ranch to music was an easy one. “My mom is very musical and I had a band that performed around California when I was younger. Everyone told me that I should move to Nashville and really take it seriously, so I did! Nashville has been such an inspiring town and I wrote numerous songs in the first few months there that I feel would have taken me much longer to write if I were still in California. I got my first publishing deal about a year and a half into being there, which was super exciting! Nashville has treated me well and I’m excited to see where it continues to take me.”

Her latest single release, Cowboy, has a special place in her heart and a personal story as its inspiration. “I’ve been waiting to release new music for what seems like a long time now, so it’s exciting finally having something out for people to listen to! Cowboy is a song about cowboy life and growing up on a cattle ranch. It really pays a tribute to that lifestyle. It started out as a tribute to my father, who’s such a hard worker, running grain and cattle. Then when I went into the studio with my producer, it developed into something else and I love what it turned into, something that’s relatable to so many!”

Callie has had some exciting opportunities opening for a few big names such as Florida Georgia Line and most recently, Big & Rich at her local hometown county fair. She hopes to get on tour soon to promote her new album.

Twisselman notes to her listeners,

“Closure has 5 tracks and is basically different chapters of my life that I’ve put together into these songs. The new single, Cowboy will have a music video coming out soon that was filmed on my family’s ranch, so I’m really excited about getting that out to everyone!”

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