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Top 3 Recipes for Cast Iron Campfire Cooking

Top 3 Recipes for Cast Iron Campfire Cooking

If you ever watched a single old western, then you’ve seen campfire cooking with iron skillets.  Let’s hope that’s not how you learned to cook though! Cast iron cooking can be challenging and fun at the same time.  Always make sure you have a cloth or oven mitten for handling the handle, for obvious reasons Let’s start with a potato veggie skillet.  This one is simple.

Top 3 Recipes for Cast Iron Campfire Cooking: Potato and Veggie Hash

Potato and Veggie Hash – Dice up your favorite veggies with a base of potatoes.  We love peppers, onions, and brussels sprouts. But be creative and add some of your favorites.  Mix all cut veggies in a bowl add olive oil. Add mixture to the skillet with 2 large slices of butter and place over the campfire and cook for 25 minutes.  Be sure to check and stir to avoid sticking to the pan. 

Top 3 Recipes for Cast Iron Campfire Cooking: Cast-iron cookie bake

Cast-iron cookie bake – Make it simple with pre-made cookie dough from the store. A quarter stick of butter and iron skillet.  Place butter in the pan, open dough and place in pan and event out in the center as much as possible. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes till done.  Add vanilla ice cream and serve with multiple spoons for all.

Top 3 Recipes for Cast Iron Campfire Cooking: Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes – 4 medium-sized potatoes, tin foil, Janes Crazy Salt and butter.  Rub butter all over potatoes with your hands graciously spreading it all over.  Season the outside with crazy salt. Wrap potatoes in foil and place in pan over fire for one hour.

Do us a favor and think about cooking more at home with your cast iron skillet.  The more you cook with it, the more seasoned it will become. Just make sure you never put in the washer or wash it with soap.  Only clean with water! You’ll love the seasoning it provides your future dishes you cook in it. Read more stories like these by visiting Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s Country Cooking section!

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