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Chambers Clinic improves your health for a better life

Chambers Clinic – with locations in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona – serves as a one-stop shop for all your medical needs. It is the only naturopathic medical practice of its kind in the U.S to offer services that include cardiology, oncology, natural pain treatment, hormones and more.  

Dr. Keith Chambers founded Chambers Clinic ten years ago and thrives with a 95 percent patient referral rate.

“Naturopathic medicine offers a better way to look at your health. It’s more comprehensive and more individual. We spend a lot of time with you, look deeply at lab results and use tried-and-true natural methods before resorting to drugs and surgery. Those have their place, but we have so many more tools at our disposal and we’re able to get results for patients much faster and more effectively,” says Dr. Chambers.

Dr. Chambers grew up farming and ranching in the Midwest.  “When you’re outdoors all the time, you get a sense of the way nature works. Yet somehow when it comes to medicine, we often see the opposite.”

He says he always wanted to be a doctor and even declared pre-med in college. However, the more he learned about the conventional medical world, he found it really wasn’t helping people the way he thought it would, so he pursued other avenues. He went to business school, taught chemistry, and built and sold businesses.

A fourth-degree black belt in karate, he discovered naturopathic medicine in the mid-90’s when he got injured during training. He became enthralled with learning how the medicine helped people without side effects and went back to med school.

Naturopathic doctors are regulated by a state physicians board and have pharmaceutical prescribing rights. “Eight-five percent of the time, we are able to have better outcomes using natural remedies than if you throw a drug at it. If we don’t have results, we will refer patients elsewhere. Luckily, we’ve never had to do that,” Dr. Chambers says.  

Chambers Clinic stays ahead of the curve with cutting-edge services including an IV suite, blood draws, ultrasound-guided pain injections, a cryotherapy chamber, a green laser weight loss device, steam and sauna rooms, hydrotherapy, colonics, massage, acupuncture, and a fully-stocked Chambers Supplements shop.

“I want to influence people to think about their health and take the next step to get help. We can only control ourselves and I think that if we can have an effect on moving someone to take action to improve their health and their life, it’s a wonderful thing.”

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Chambers Clinic improves your health for a better life

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