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Charlie Sampson and Cowboy Lifestyle Network

The Cowboy Lifestyle Network team is extremely proud to know Charlie Sampson! Learn more about this amazing cowboy right here & find out why he is so loved.

Charlie-Sampson-(CLN2015)The Cowboy Lifestyle Network team is extremely proud to know Charlie Sampson! You have probably seen pictures or heard of this amazing cowboy before. Charlie Sampson, the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame bull rider, has always been a fan-favorite because of his fearless riding style. Mr. Sampson is a groundbreaking PRCA rodeo cowboy who was the first African-American to win a world title in Pro Rodeo. His PRCA career lasted almost 20 years, with 11 NFR trips. In 1994, Sampson retired at the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Pocatello, ID and then spent his retirement doing ads for companies like Wrangler Jeans and Timex.

Charlie Sampson and Kelly Riley at Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City 2015

Charlie Sampson, Kelly Riley and CLN’s Patrick OD O’Donnell at the Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

To this day, Charlie Sampson is an encouragement to all people, speaking often to minority youngsters in inner city schools, telling them how positive thinking, goal setting, and hard work can help them achieve success in their lives. Sampson provides constant reassurance to those just beginning and also to those who have made it all the way. For example, Sampson was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to welcome the newest bull riding hall of fame members to the group of legends. Read the full story here: Charlie Sampson, and OD go to Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction in Oklahoma City.
Also, currently Charlie Sampson is communicating his story to the public in several ways, but perhaps one of the most exciting avenues coming up is through the book that he is writing. Sampson told the team at the Cowboy Lifestyle Network that this book would be published soon, but a date has not yet been confirmed. There is no doubt that Charlie Sampson is extremely busy with speaking engagements and inspiring people all over the world.
Charlie-Sampson-2015-CLN-CollageThe Cowboy Lifestyle Network is particularly thankful to Charlie Sampson for taking his time to help support the network by attending rodeos and other cowboy related events with the CLN team, like the most recent Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo. Pictures and additional information of hall of fame and world champion bull rider, Charlie Sampson, at the 2015 Norco Rodeo can be found by clicking the following link: Norco Mounted Posse PRCA Rodeo.
Stay tuned into CLN for more detailed updates on Sampson and his future engagements.
Lastly, visit Charlie Sampson’s brand new website at!

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