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CLN Exclusive with YETI Ambassador John Crimber

When it comes to promoting the sport of rodeo and the western lifestyle, YETI’s ambassador program is top-notch. With names like Hailey Kinsel, Shad Mayfield, JB Mauney, and many more big hitters, YETI also takes the time to include up-and-coming athletes like John Crimber. I was thrilled to chat with John about his career in bull riding up until now and what the future holds for him as he moves into the professional standings this season. Let’s dig in!

Krysta: Can you tell our audience a little about yourself?

John: In 75 years of high school rodeo, I am the first back-to-back bull riding world champion, I won the Tuff Hedeman bull riding tour in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I broke the arena record at the Stetson Wright Invitational with 94 points.

Provided by YETI
Provided by YETI

Krysta: What did growing up look like for you? Do you come from a rodeo family? How did you get involved in bull riding?

John: My dad was a professional bull rider, won the NFR average in 2004, and made the PBR World Finals 10x. Iโ€™ve always wanted to be like him growing up, I got on my first sheep when I was 2 and my first bull when I was 6 then I just kept going from there. Ever since freshman year, Iโ€™ve started evolving and getting on better bulls and everything started to click from there

Provided by YETI
Provided by YETI

Krysta: How did bull riding help shape who you are today?

John: Bull riding helped me meet all of my best friends and it has made me more mature as a person as well. It helps me get confidence knowing I have the ability to do great things, and in this industry, you have to continuously prove yourself.

I have learned how to mentally prepare for the sport from a young age. Being able to grow up riding with and learning from the top PBR riders in the world, I have been able to capitalize on the opportunity to become one of the best youth bull riders out there. It has taken a solid work ethic, mental fortitude, and a โ€œnever stop tryingโ€ attitude to get where I am today.

Images provided by YETI

Krysta: What is your proudest accomplishment to date? 

John: Definitely winning the Tuff Hedman event in Las Vegas. I was the youngest guy in the short round and competed with some of the best professional bull riders in the world.

Provided by YETI
Provided by YETI

Krysta: What has it meant to be a part of the YETI Ambassador team?

John: Itโ€™s great to be a part of such a respected brand and know Iโ€™m wearing the same patch as the best rodeo athletes in the world. Iโ€™m excited I get to grow into the professional bull riding world and have a great company like YETI behind me supporting me.

I hope you enjoyed this CLN Exclusive Interview with John Crimber and I can’t wait to share the next one with you. Make sure to check out the button below to read the full YETI Series here on Cowboy Lifestyle Network and follow them on your favorite social media platform.

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