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Total Feeds Insider: Chris Cox Horsemanship Company

The Chris Cox Horsemanship Company is focused on horse training and advancing the horsemanship skills of riders interested in learning the finer points.

Horseback riding is a popular sport that many people enjoy, but the average rider does not have the skills to train and ride their horse to its full potential. Serious horsemen and women are able to learn more advanced riding techniques by working with Chris Cox, a well-known horse trainer who teaches horsemanship at clinics in various locations and also at his ranch in Texas. Chris grew up on a cattle ranch in Australia where horses were the only form of transportation, so he became skilled in horsemanship at an early age.

Chris Cox is a horse trainer who has achieved championship status in multiple areas including colt starting at Equine Experience, the Ardmore Futurity and earned champion status in Road to the Horse an unprecedented four times. Chris also was awarded the title “Equitarian of the Year” from Monty Roberts, an authority on natural horsemanship.

Chris has excelled in rodeo team roping events, so he will sometimes schedule a horse clinic at the rodeo grounds where a cowboy may have an opportunity to hone their horsemanship skills. Team roping is a rodeo event where a cowboy works with his partner to successfully lasso one or both hind feet of a running steer and their horses must be finely tuned if the cowboy and his teammate are to win the event. You can catch one of his roping videos below.

The Chris Cox Horsemanship Company is focused on horse training and advancing the horsemanship skills of riders interested in learning the finer points of the sport. With all of his accolades, what better person to learn from than the man himself? Chris offers clinics both at his ranch and on the road. You can check out his full schedule by checking out his website.

Clinic participants are able to bring their own horse or lease one of the horses owned by the Chris Cox Horsemanship Company to ride while advancing their riding abilities. Some of these ranch horses may be available for purchase by approved participants. While a week-long horse clinic at the Texas ranch owned by Chris Cox offers the most opportunity for learning, most people choose to attend a 3-day horse clinic closer to home. These clinics are geared toward serious horsemen and women who are interested in becoming a better horse trainer and rider.

Tune into the popular rural television network, RFD-TV, and watch โ€œChris Cox Horsemanshipโ€ up to three times per week. Each show runs a half-hour and encompasses true horsemanship through the eyes of a true cowboy lifestyle enthusiast. From instructional shows, online streaming videos, horsemanship clinics and so much more, CLN encourages you to follow theย Chris Cox Horsemanship Companyย right here on

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