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CLN 12-001: Grand Canyon Professsonal Rodeo Assn 2011 Finals Rawhide, Phoenix Az.

Grand Canyon Professsonal Rodeo Association (GCPRA) 2011 Finals at The Rawhide Rodeo Grounds in Phoenix Arizonia

Grand Canyon Professsonal Rodeo Assn 2011

Cowboy Lifestyle Network had an amazing time ย ilming the Grand Canyon Profess onal Rodeo Associatio ย (GCPRA) 2011 Finals at The Rawhi e Rodeo Grounds in Phoenix Arizonia T is years even s included: Bareback (Earl Tsosie & Tyler Staker), Inc. Calf Roping (Ted Walker), Open Calf Roping (Jake Mayfield), Breakaway (Dani Meador), Steer Wrestling (Pepe Arballo), Saddle Bronc (Jayson Amon), Inc. Barrels (Terri Foley), Open Barrels (Debbie Dewitt), Bull Riding (Bryce Brown), Inc. Tea ย Roping, & Open Team Roping. Specia ย thanks to the GCPRCA committee for letting us film and participate in your rodeo. ย Take a look at these amazing athletes perform their skills from roping to riding. ย [.?.]

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