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CLN 12-012 Verde Valley Junior High School Rodeo Cottonwood, AZ March 24 – 25

CLN attended the Verde Valley Junior High School Rodeo in Cottonwood, AZ this past weekend.

Breakaway RopingCLN attended the Verde Valley Junior High School Rodeo in Cottonwood, AZ this past weekend.  The Rodeo was held at the Equestrian Center of Verde Valley Fairground, and it was the first time ever that a Junior High School Rodeo had ever taken place there.  “There are 10 rodeos a year all over the state,” says Daria Weir, a sponsor and a roping and barrel race champ herself. “The kids travel everywhere, and it’s expensive. We thought it was time to have it here in the Verde Valley.”
We were able to interview some of the participants to get a better feel of the events.  Jacob Auza participated in the Shoot Dogging, Goat Typing and Team Roping events while his buddy Trevor Nowlin took part in the Breakaway, Goat Tying and Team Roping events.  Both Jacob and Wyatt are rated 6th in the state for Team Roping, woo doggy, that is great!  Trey Nowlin competes in the Goat Tying and Breakaway events.   Wyatt Kent told us that saddling a horse is the first thing to get prepared for the Rodeo, who would have thunk it!
Elaine Haddad-Nowlin gave us short trip of what it’s like to be a Rodeo Mom.  The long days of 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. keep these Moms very busy and proud.  Tammy Auza is right up on the stats of these young Cowboys keeping track all the way and proud to be a Rodeo Mom.
Now for the Rodeo Dads, Daniel Nowlin, provides access to Rodeo practice to his sons every day of the week.  “They want to practice every day”.
So it’s not really a weekend thing, it’s 365 days a year for these Cowboys and Cowgirls and their parents are right behind them watching them have fun, compete and succeed.
CLN signing out,Click on and Hang on!

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