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Calgary Stampede 100 Year Anniversary

The legendary Calgary Stampede in Canada, also well known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” was the most exciting all-around spectacular rodeo that CLN has ever captured on film.

Calgary Stampede Chuck-Wagon Racing

Calgary Stampede Chuck-Wagon Racing

The legendary Calgary Stampede in Canada, also well known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” was the most exciting all-around spectacular rodeo that CLN has ever captured on film.

The worldwide attention that the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede received in 2012 was undoubtedly one of the biggest gatherings of people who all embrace the Western spirit and deeply rooted values of the cowboy lifestyle.

The Calgary Stampede is positioned around a beautiful landscape; in which, the setting is located in the midst of 30 acres of beautiful riverfront property in the heart of Calgary.

Furthermore, the culturally diverse groups of people that visit this region makes the Calgary Stampede a monumental gathering of Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Native Americans; in addition, to all kinds of tourists visiting from various countries around the globe.

Calgary Stampede Parade

Calgary Stampede Parade

There’s just something about the Calgary Stampede that sets itself apart from any other rodeo in the world. After all, the Stampede dates back to the late 19th Century when agricultural fairs and festivals began to take place each year.

At any rate, Calgary held its very first rodeo in the year of 1912, which was created and founded by an American cowboy entrepreneur named Guy Weadick who worked extremely hard to promote the Wild West and Cowboy Lifestyle in Calgary, according to the Calgary Stampede’s Historical Committee.

His hard work as a cowboy in the rugged lifestyle showed exactly where his heart, mind, and soul was throughout his life of promotion, because of the loyalty and all the hard work he invested into it every day in order to keep it’s historical significance intact to the constant changes that many cultures experience throughout time.

Calgary Stampede 100 year AnniversaryGuy Weadick’s dedication to promoting the event and advertising the event to the world in return has strengthened the communities Western heritage and values throughout history and has resulted in new events such as, Oktoberfest, Agricultural “Round Up,” and even lead Calgary to host the Olympic Winter Games in 1988.

Therefore, Guy Weadick’s strong vision to celebrate the genuine culture of the “Old West,” incidentally; was preserved and passed down to newer generations within the “Heart of the New West,” so that the cowboy lifestyle would remain the same—the way it used to be a century ago.

The 2012 Calgary Stampede lineup of events was unbelievable, as it was jam-packed with all kinds of Stampede Centennial rituals, such as Car Shows, Concerts, Cook-Offs, Corral Shows, Homecoming events for the historical iconic groups, Chuck Wagon’s, and the remarkable and highly celebrated night shows.

Special memorabilia and limited edition commodities can be purchased almost everywhere. For instance, Lammle’sWestern Wear and Tack was the perfect destination to get the finest Western wear; after all, every cowboy and cowgirl has to throw on their Wrangler clothes, Stetson Cowboy Hats, and Justin Boots before attending a special rodeo like this one.

Calgary Stampede Parade

Calgary Stampede Parade

In this CLN exclusive video, the legendary pro rodeo announcer, Wayne Brooks, explains how the best-bucking horses and bulls in the world, as well as the best cowboys and cowgirls all come to compete for their own shot to get the big bucks.

But this isn’t an ordinary ol’ rodeo; as Wayne Brooks said, “For a grand total of 2 million dollars and a prize of 100,000 dollars in every event of the Calgary Stampede, with more than 180,000 people through the gate each day, that’s the Calgary Stampede.”

Be sure to partake in the interactive questions presented by Wrangler and definitely don’t forget to “click on and hang on” while watching the amazing footage captured by CLN at this year’s remarkable 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede!

A special “Thanks” to Wayne Brooks for his constant support of the Cowboy Lifestyle Network!

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