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CLN Insider: James Dupre

From First Responder to Country Crooner, James Dupre graces us with a full new album for the first time since 2016. “I wrote the title track, Home and Away, a couple of years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite originals to play live,” says Dupre. “My last album was released in 2016, so I knew I was past due for another one. We decided that Home and Away was going to be a single, but that I needed to write a few more songs to complete the album. Just as COVID-19 was making its debut, I had all the songs ready for the studio. Over many Zoom meetings, and a very tedious socially-distanced few months, my producer Matt McClure worked his magic and made the most beautiful record I could’ve imagined.”

Originally from Louisiana, James says he became an EMT because it was the logical next step for him at the time. Quitting college to pursue music, things weren’t taking off like he had hoped. “My dad’s been a paramedic since I was 6 years old, so I’d been around it most of my life. My thoughts going in were ‘Ok, I’m doing this temporarily until I write a hit song or get a record deal and move to Nashville.’ It’s hilarious to think now how very little I knew about the music business. Through those 6 years as an EMT, I started writing songs, got better at guitar, gained a following on YouTube, made an appearance on Ellen, signed a record deal, and moved to Nashville.”

Home and Away debuted on all major music platforms in September 2020. In that short amount of time, Dupre has gained millions of streams on multiple songs from the record. “I want the world to hear this album, not just for commercial success, but because I believe it’s truly the best that I’ve ever had to offer as an artist up to this point in my life and career. Once we can have concerts again, I plan to tour. In the meantime, I’ll continue to write, grow, enjoy being with my family, and being a dad.”

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