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CLN Insider: Winnie's Cookies Baking Healthy Horse Treats

Winnie’s Cookies are a delicious nutritional horse treats made from human grade organic ingredients selected for their 22 vitamins, trace minerals & amino acids. Your best alternative to synthetic, chemical-laden, animal grade products with toxic residues from chemical nutrients & preservatives.

Healthy Horse Treats From Winnie's Cookies are a CLN Pick!

Healthy Horse Treats Are The Perfect Training Reward

Healthy Horse Treats

CLN is known as the hub of western enthusiasts. Our purpose is to not only spread industry news, but also to pass along information about products and services that we feel would benefit our audience.
Winnie’s Cookies, with over 20 years of baking high quality, Healthy Horse Treats, is one such product that we’d like to pass along to our peeps!


Winnie's Cookies are baked fresh in America, and are delivered via FedEx in a sealed bag.

Winnie’s Cookies are baked fresh in America, and are delivered via FedEx in a sealed bag.

The Perfect Training Treat

There are a myriad of supplement and horse treat choices out there. What sets Winnie’s Cookies apart, are a few things:

  • Winnie’s Cookies are made from human-grade, organic ingredients.
  • They are baked fresh, per order and sent out same day.
  • Once you get your order, no mixing, measuring, or adding needed. Just a simple cookie that horses love.
  • They are a product that works like a supplement, but taste like a treat.
  • The Winnie’s Cookie Club offers substantial discounts and private offers on their products.
  • Fresh-baked, in America.
"My Winnie's delivery came in a sealed bag; and when I opened them, the scent was heavenly!" - Eileen Moss, CLN Insider Reporter

“My Winnie’s delivery came in a sealed bag; and when I opened them, the scent was heavenly!” – Eileen Moss, CLN Insider Reporter

Winnie’s Cookies’ bakers arrive at 4 am and bake until noon, five days a week. Then, the orders for the day are packaged and shipped same day via FedEx.
What we at CLN also love about this company is that they are very customer oriented. For example – they have a peppermint and rosehip cookie that is primarily offered on a seasonal basis. However, if a customer requests an order of them at any time, they will get them. (Peppermint extract, is known for its digestive tract benefits; and Rosehips, for their high Vitamin C and antioxidants.)
Peppermint and Rosehip cookies.

Peppermint and Rosehip cookies.

Known as the cookie that “works like a supplement, tastes like a treat“, they are chock full of human-grade, organic ingredients, including unsulphered, blackstrap molasses, rich in concentrated minerals; as well as an ingredient called “dulse”, which is a bottom-growing seaweed harvested off the coast of New Brunswick.
Dulse is a red, lettuce-like seaweed. Winnie's Cookies contains dulse from New Brunswick.

Dulse is a red, lettuce-like seaweed. Winnie’s Cookies contains dulse from New Brunswick.

For more information on these made in America, homemade treats, go to:

[bs-quote quote=”Great cookies…My horses love these treats. They are soft enough for my old horses to enjoy and to use as pill pockets when giving pill medications. Not to mention the benefit of the ingredients and knowing they are right out of the oven when you get them.” style=”style-8″ align=”center” author_name=”Geri”][/bs-quote]
[bs-quote quote=”I started feeding Winnie’s Cookies, and I noticed a change in their coats; and then, as the months went by and the years went by, I noticed their coats getting richer and more dapple.” style=”style-8″ align=”center” author_name=”Linda Parelli” author_job=”Parelli Natural Horsemanship”][/bs-quote]
[bs-quote quote=”With my own personal horses, the bloom came back; their entire attitude seemed to improve. They really have a benefit, beyond just being a treat.” style=”style-8″ align=”center” author_name=”Dr. Mark Wooten” author_job=”Nolensville Veterinary Hospital”][/bs-quote]

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Born and raised on a cattle ranch on the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwest Montana, Eileen graduated from University of Montana - Western with a Business Degree. She is the mother of two grown children - Sydnee, and Billy Quade; and grandmother of two, Lillian and Rocky Rex. Eileen draws from personal, life experiences; as she has held many positions over the years including heavy equipment operator, member of a survey crew for Independence Mining, veterinary technician, Bud Girl for Anheuser-Busch, PR Director for the Idaho Cowboys Association, feed manager for Midland Bull Test Station in Columbus, Montana, National Event Coordinator for Montana Silversmiths, security guard for the Muskogee Creek Nation One Fire Casino, Marketing Director for the Tulsa RV Ranch, and freelance writer for various publications - including a weekly column for three years in the "Elko Daily Free Press" in Elko, Nevada. She enjoys training barrel horses and singing - and has sung the National Anthem for rodeos such as the Reno Rodeo in Reno, Nevada, the College National Finals, and the New Year's Eve Bull Bash in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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