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CLN Meets Deana Carter

Learn here about some interesting facts that CLN discovered about Deana Carter and her career at Colorado’s famous Bulls on the Beach. Get the full story here.

Deana-CarterMany country music fans are all too familiar with that famous 1996 hit song “Strawberry Wine,” written and performed by country music star Deana Carter. And who could forget her other catchy tunes like “Did I Shave My Legs for This” and “We Danced Anyway?” There was a moment when every time country fans turned on the radio, it was inevitable that they would fall in love with this music, and this beautiful lady. But where has she been for the past ten years? Just a couple weeks ago, the Cowboy Lifestyle Network was fortunate to meet Deana Carter at the “Bulls on the Beach” event in Windsor, Colorado, where Carter graced the crowds with yet another fantastic show. Carter was more than lovely, greeting fans at the after-party, taking photographs with them and signing autographs. CLN discovered some interesting facts about Carter and her career.
CLN-Meets-Deana-Carter-(1)In the early 90’s, most would have thought at the time, that this seventeen-year-old, Nashville-born star would climb the road to fame quickly, with her father being the well-known singer, Fred Carter Jr. However, her journey was much more difficult. Because of these struggles, Carter sang only for enjoyment and pursued a career in physical therapy. It was in 1994 that Deana Carter encountered a surprising break when popular country music star Willie Nelson heard one of her demo tapes and invited her to sing at a concert as the only female soloist. This debut eventually led to her first contract with Capitol Records and consequently the music we all know and love from Deana Carter.
Deana-Carter-and-Erich-ErlichFrom there, Carter’s career up-swing lasted for a few years but since then, has suffered for various reasons once again. Carter decided to take some time off and to stay at home and spend time with her son. She seems to be slowly making her way back into the country music world. Just a few years ago, well-known country singer Kenny Chesney recorded one of Carter’s songs, “You and Tequila,” with Grace Potter. The song soared to number 3 in September 2011 and was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2011 CMA Awards. Deana Carter is still blessing fans with her gorgeous voice and a recently released holiday album. The Cowboy Lifestyle Network was honored and pleased to spend time with such a pleasant, caring, hard-working lady and hopes that her country music success continues for a lifetime!

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