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CLN Music Monday: Dallas Burrow

Making a comeback in the Texas country scene after a two year hiatus on releasing music, Dallas Burrow isn’t holding back. With a new self titled record coming out July 23rd, Dallas shares his heart with an album full of songs that tell his story. This past Friday, Burrow released his latest single, Country Girl, a love song that he says he hopes will resonate with listeners in a personal way. Fans of western Americana style music are sure to love Dallas Burrow and the conviction that his music shares. The full-length, self-titled album, Dallas Burrow, is a collection of songs about maturing and finding one’s path, recorded to two-inch analog tape by producer Bruce Robison.

Throughout the record, Burrow states,

“The songs are an insight into who I am. Small town life, my wife, becoming a dad, and settling down into family life. It’s hard to play favorites, but this latest single, Country Girl is one of my favorites. It’s about loving someone throughout the different seasons, finding something new to love about them every day.”

On a personal note to his listeners, Dallas says, “If you’re discovering my music for the first time, this music is really about me and my life. I hope people can find something in these stories that they can relate to, that it gives them a little bit of hope and happiness. That these songs resonate with them and things that are going on in their lives. My goal is to connect with my listeners.”

Currently touring around Texas, Burrow is working on not only supporting his new album but getting to know his fans as well. When Burrow isn’t making records or on the road, he’s the owner and proprietor of the newly opened Redbird Listening Room in New Braunfels, Texas; an intimate listening room inspired by places like Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe and Kent Finlay’s Songwriter Circle at the Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, TX, where Burrow and countless others cut their teeth.

Want to see Dallas Burrow live? Check out his website for upcoming tour dates! You can presave the new album, Dallas Burrow, here!

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