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CLN Music Monday: James Robert Webb Breaking Out

James Robert Webb Breaks Free With “A Horse Named Freedom”
Coming off of his major hit, “Good Time Waiting To Happen,” which has now surpassed 400,000 streams, James Robert Webb is going back to his roots with “A Horse Named Freedom” by deciding to write it on a piano over a guitar. Webb, along with co-writer Alex Dooley, takes you on an emotional journey to finding freedom.

Doctor by day, singer/songwriter by night, Webb balances both a lucrative career in clinical radiology and a soaring career in the music business. His current radio single “Okfuskee Whiskey” has been his most added song to radio to date and this brand new single shows the versatility of Webb switching from guitar to piano.

In 2020, he released a self-titled album, James Robert Webb, and has seen much success with it. Produced by award-winning and iconic producer Buddy Cannon, who has produced albums for country stars like Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, and Reba McEntire, the album quickly surpassed one million streams! Songs like “April May” are the up-beat, feel-good tune that reminds people of that special someone in their life that makes them want to stick around, while “Think About It,” has a message that everyone can relate to. Lines like, “we’re all part of a bigger plan/it’s the little things in life that make it grand/when you think about it,” has Webb talking about appreciating the small parts of life that might not seem like much.

This Tulsa-based artist is determined to accomplish much more. Webb, along with co-writer Alex Dooley, wrote this song with haunting imagery and unique lyrics that are sure to take you on a ride. This song is part of a passion project for Webb as he wanted to strip most of the “gimmicks” that today’s songs include and highlight the power of his vocals. He wants you to feel empowered as you listen to this song and know that you’re able to break free of whatever is holding you back! You’ll be able to get “A Horse Named Freedom” tomorrow, so enjoy the visualizer below and pre-save the song here:

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