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Bull Riding

Cody Jesus Invitational Bull Riding takes on Window Rock, Arizona!

Window Rock, Arizona – Navajo Professional Bull Rider and member of the PBR Texas Rattlers, Cody Jesus welcomes you to the first annual Cody Jesus Invitational Bull Riding event. This extreme event is kicking off on Saturday, July 15th, admission is FREE, and gates open at 4 PM! This is a fan appreciation event that will be held at Dean C. Jackson Arena located at St Michaels, AZ 86511. The time is now to gather your friends and family and come out to this extreme event.ย 

PBR Texas Rattlers are Headed to Window Rock

You heard it! The PBR Texas Rattlers will be competing at this grand event! Youโ€™ll witness some of the top bull riders take on some of the rankest bulls around. Cody Jesus is staying true to his roots and has invited his team to his hometown on the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona. The Texas Rattlers have prepared, youโ€™ll witness their grit and grace as they show their skills in taking on these animal athletes.ย 

Credit: Texas Rattlers

Texas Rattlers Team

  • Cody Jesus
  • Alvaro Ariel
  • Dawson Gleaves
  • Cade Swor
  • Joรฃo Ricardo Vieira
  • Daniel Keeping
  • Brady Oleson
  • Creek Young
  • Braidy Randolph
  • Cody Lambert

Invitational Events

  • Jr. Bull Riding
  • Mini Bull Riding
  • Bull Riding
Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network
Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network


  • Admission: Free
  • Parking Fee: $20.00 (Safely load up the car)

*Concessions and merchandise will be on site!

For more information please visit,

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network – Video: Cody Jesus and his 90-point ride!

โ€œI chose to host this fan appreciation bull riding at the Dean C. Jackson arena because winning the 2015 Navajo Nation Fair rodeo and the final four events was responsible for elevating me into my Professional Bull Riding career that I have paved.  Representing the Navajo people on this national stage has been an honor, and I am truly thankful.โ€

-Cody Jesus

Navajo Nation

Thank you to the Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture for your support of this event. Theย Navajo Nationย is truly an extraordinary and breathtaking nation within a nation. It is over 27,000 miles and covers over four states: New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. The Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department oversees all Navajo Tribal Parks in the largest sovereign nation in the United States. As a sovereign-autonomous tribal government, the Navajo Nation creates laws and governs its citizens โ€“ which means all non-Navajo travelers and visitors must comply with and abide by tribal regulations, policies, and laws. Their intent is the caretaking of Mother Earth, which Navajos respect at all times. Come experience the breathtaking views Navajo land has to offer.

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