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VIP Insider: Coors Roadhouse Tent at the 2012 WNFR

Coors Roadhouse Tent brings you good times at the rodeo. Find out their plans to rock their fans this year from the Coors Rodeo Event Coordinator.

As you can see in this Cowboy Lifestyle Network special presentation, the following program is brought to you by the sponsors of this video: Coors Banquet, Wrangler, and Wal-Mart.

So kick back, relax, and get ready to hop on board with a Coors Banquet Beer and a pair of your favorite Wrangler Jeans, while you enjoy CLN’s behind the scene footage of the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada, for one all-around amazing experience.

Maegan Dial visits Coors Banquet

Coors Banquet & Walmart Partnership with Rodeo & the 2012 WNFR Coors Roadhouse Tent

The Coors Rodeo Event Coordinator, Donna Keffeler, runs the entirety of Coors Banquet Rodeo Program. Keffeler oversees which rodeos are the best ones to sponsor by determining whether they are beneficial for one another, which is concluded by a final decision that is based on many factors.

After all, Donna has been positively impacting rodeos everywhere since she began working with Coors in the early ‘90s. Donna Keffeler’s reputation is flawless; in fact, in the cowboy world she is well thought-of as the supreme cowgirl figure, which has formed her positive standing over time by countless cowboy communities across the world.

So next, lets all join Donna Keffeler as she welcomes y’all to the Coors Roadhouse!

“Hi I am Donna Keffeler, the Event Coordinator of the Coors Rodeo Program. We are out here in Las Vegas attending the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Welcome to the Coors Roadhouse”, says Donna Keffeler.

It is official, the Coors Roadhouse tent proved to be the number one party destination directly outside the Thomas & Mack Center in conjunction with the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Besides, even CLN’s Host Maegan Dail couldn’t believe the fun and poppin atmosphere every single day inside of the warm Coors Tent!

1st Marine Division Band Coors WNFR Roadhouse

1st Marine Division Band having fun as Honored VIP Guests in the Coors Roadhouse at the Wrangler National Final Rodeo! Coors Banquet Roadhouse rocked the crowd late into the night with a mechanical bull, girls dancing, celebrities as Judd Leffew and Gary Leffew for all 10 days. Great Beer and Great Times From Coors!

With record attendance at the UNLV’s Thomas & Mack center together with nearly 18,000 loyal rodeo fans and the best party scene daily before and after each 2012 WNFR go-round performance, inside the Coors Roadhouse was the only way cowboys and cowgirls from across the globe could gain the full “NFR Experience.”

Inside, cowboys and cowgirls (all over the age of 21) surrounded the Coors Roadhouse Bar as Coors Roadhouse fans crowded every corner of the tent. From rockin’ music to games with sweet Coors Banquet prizes and even an incredibly real looking mechanical bull, it was nearly impossible not to jump for joy when we heard bull riding legend, Judd Leffew, give a shout out to everyone partying at the Coors Roadhouse: “Cowboy Lifestyle Network in the House!”

Even Judd Leffew’s father, who is a former world champion bull rider, enjoyed some Coors Banquet inside the Coors Roadhouse.

Coors Banquet RodeoThe Coors Banquet Chairman, Pete Coors, was even spotted within the Coors Roadhouse along with his wife Marilyn Coors, by the Founder of Cowboy Lifestyle Network; O’D, while they each enjoyed the crisp, clean, and drinkable taste of Coors Banquet Beer. Cowboy Lifestyle Network was thrilled to hang out with a cowboy who is as genuinely loyal as they come and who has made such a profound impact on rodeo as a whole as he continues to positively support those living the Western lifestyle through the Coors Rodeo Program.

Roger Husky of Hollywood Productions, has developed the concept of Retailtainment, which consists of fully wrapped Coors Banquet Logo, Has developed the concept of “Retailtainment”, which consists of fully wrapped Coors Banquet Logo decals on vehicles, such as, delivery trucks, classic trucks, horse trailers, and even trailers with a transportable bar within.

In the second part of this Cowboy Lifestyle Network video CLN’s Host, Maegan Dail, interviews Homer Dawson, Head of Coors Sports Marketing:

Maegan: “Homer we are here at the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, what can you tell me that Coors Banquet, Rodeo, and Walmart all have together, how do they all tie?

Homer Dawson: “You know Coors Banquet has had a great history working with the NFR over the years and I think when you hear about Coors Banquet we are all about timeless Western masculinity and I can’t think of a much better fit than rodeo and we are just really excited about all the things we have been doing with it and Walmart has been a great partner of Coors Banquet and Rodeo and has been a big supporter for us all across the country for us. So its something that seems to tie all of our brands together and we are just excited to bring more rodeo activation to Walmart.”

Maegan: “Does Walmart and Coors Banquet plan on in the future during 2013 going to many rodeos and major rodeos across the country?”

Homer Dawson: “Yeah you know this is a big push for us with you know Wal-Mart, they are really about Retailtainment and we think we can bring some great activation amongst our relationship with the cowboys coming out and meeting the fans. As you may know we have our delivery truck and this new beautiful vehicle.”

As you can see, Cowboy Lifestyle Network, Coors, and Wal-Mart tie their brands together to fuel rodeo. Feel free to leave comments below about your own Coors Rodeo experiences in the past as well the many upcoming rodeos that Coors and Wal-Mart are going to activate for this new year of 2013!

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

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