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Coors Fuels Rodeo

Coors fuels rodeo and is a true American icon of Western strength.

Coors fuels rodeo and is a true American icon of Western strength. In other words, the yellow Coors beer can continues to promote those living out the cowboy lifestyle. At the same time, it is because of the irreplaceable Coors Rocky Mountain taste and quality that demands for its legendary heritage to live on.
The Cowboy Lifestyle Network recognizes “Where The West Lives,” which is in the heart ofย Golden, Colorado, where Coors Banquet Beer was born in 1873 within this specific geographic region located in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. The legend of Coors has continued its legacy for over 140 years, as the Banquet Beer has been the American backbone of beers and the number one choice for millions of loyal citizens who live and love the Western lifestyle.
The Coors Banquet Chairman, Pete Coors, continues to make a profound impact on the success of his family company in a highly competitive beer market. Moreover, it is because of his strong connection with the country scene that Coors Banquet is where it is today as a result of his continuous support for those living the Western way of life. Not only is Pete Coors a successful businessman and entrepreneur, but he is also a genuine cowboy at heart who actually lives the cowboy lifestyle himself.
Pete Coors sponsors cowboys to the fullest; after all, he is a good ol’ boy who knows the true value and loyalty that is deeply rooted in the lifestyle. As a result, his support has formed a unique bond between Coors Banquet Beer and the typical cowboy consumer, which continues to certainly impact everyone who is hungry to live out the Western ideal and dream.
The Coors Rodeo Event Coordinator, Donna Keffeler, runs the entirety of Coors Banquet Rodeo Program. Keffeler oversees which rodeos are the best ones to sponsor by determining whether or not they are beneficial for one another, which is concluded by a final decision that is based on many factors. After all, Donna has been positively impacting rodeos everywhere since she began working with Coors in the early ’90s. Donna Keffeler’s reputation is impeccable; as a matter of fact, in the cowboy world she is well thought-of as the supreme cowgirl figure, which has formed her positive standing over time by cowboy communities across the world.
Furthermore, Donna Keffeler sponsors cowboys and cowgirls that participate in the Coors Rodeo Program. Including, the entertaining rodeo clowns that utilize the “Coors Can” barrel as a form of safety when ducking and diving out of the way of the infamous bucking bulls. Donna gives back to these brave cowboys and cowgirls that risk their lives for these rodeo events to be a much safer environment, by sponsoring participants who end up winning the “Man in the Can” award, which is made possible by the combined efforts of Donna Keffeler and the Coors Banquet Rodeo Program.
Making sense of what Coors does to drive the rodeo behind the scenes highly reflects on their involvement with charity. Meanwhile, it is due to the constructive relationship between Coors Banquet and all rodeo events sponsored by the Coors Banquet Rodeo Program to in return, give back to charities. In fact, 90%-100% of net profit from rodeo filters back into charity. As a result, Coors is highly involved in giving back to charities as the Banquet Beer continues to make a profound impact on communities throughout the nation.
Coors Banquet has maintained such a positive reputation with the public for almost a century and a half by hardworking individuals like Pete Coors and Donna Keffeler. It is because of this legendary reputation since 1873 and their unwillingness to change its original tastes of the Rocky Mountain water and the best high country barley, which distinguishes itself from all other beers on the market.
Thanks a million to the legendary rodeo announcer, Dan Fowlie, for his commentary in this remarkable Coors video by Cowboy Lifestyle Network.

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